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Caterpillar Heavy Equipment

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment

Caterpillar heavy equipment from Cleveland Brothers is available new and used in a variety of Caterpillar models ranging from Caterpillar heavy loaders to Caterpillar heavy hydraulic excavators. Caterpillar heavy equipment provides superior productivity to many industries including heavy and general construction, mining, and quarry applications.

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment: A History of Excellence

Caterpillar is a name that is recognized throughout the world and is commonly associated with only the best heavy industrial equipment products. Since its inception in 1925 as the Caterpillar Tractor Company, CAT has been a pioneer in the development of quality heavy equipment for all types of applications. Caterpillar equipment provided essential support to American troops during World War II and was heavily relied upon during a multitude of noteworthy construction projects, including the Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Coulee Dam. Cleveland Brothers has proudly carried on the CAT tradition of excellence since 1948.

416F Backhoe Loader

416F Backhoe Loader Net Power - SAE J1349 87 hp
Dig Depth - Standard 14.3 ft
Operating Weight - Maximum 24251 lb
Engine Model (Standard) Cat® C4.4 ACERT™ DIT

247B Series 3 Multi Terrain Loader

247B Series 3 Multi Terrain Loader Engine Model Cat® C2.2 T
Net Power 56 hp
Rated Operating Capacities: 50% Tipping Load 2150 lb
Rated Operating Capacities: 35% Tipping Load 1505 lb

226B Series 3 Skid Steer Loader

226B Series 3 Skid Steer Loader Engine Model Cat® C2.2 T
Net Flywheel Power 56 hp
Rated Operating Capacity 1500 lb
Gross Power 61 hp

D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor

D11T/D11T CD Track-Type Tractor Engine Model Cat® C32 ACERT™
Flywheel Power 850 hp
Operating Weight 229848 lb
Shipping Weight 82640 lb

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment: New and Used

Cleveland Brothers offers a wide selection of new Caterpillar equipment that will provide you with years of productive operation. And because it's a CAT, you can be sure the machinery you're getting meets the high standards for quality and excellence you would expect from the world's leading manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment products.

We also offer a variety of dependable used Caterpillar equipment to help you save money without sacrificing productivity or reliability. Every piece of used equipment we sell is thoroughly inspected by one of our experienced technicians to check for signs of mechanical or hydraulic defects. This ensures the used equipment you buy will not only meet your stringent operating requirements, but also provide maximum operator safety.

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment: Service

West and Central Pennsylvania's premier distributor of Caterpillar heavy equipment, Cleveland Brothers services all new and used Caterpillar equipment we sell, no matter where originally purchased. With a staff of 580 highly skilled technicians throughout our 28 locations, we have the manpower to service your CAT machine in the least amount of time. And because we're nearby, we can respond to your service issue promptly. We will even service your Caterpillar equipment if we did not originally sell it.

Our service solutions increase your productivity and profitability while lengthening the life of your Caterpillar heavy equipment.

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment: Parts

Our commitment to maximizing your uptime means that we also carry all the necessary parts to keep your Caterpillar heavy equipment in top shape. We have more than 20 conveniently located heavy equipment parts departments within our Pennsylvania service territory stocked with Caterpillar heavy equipment parts; wherever you, we'll be close by with the parts you need.

An excellent way to save money is to purchase used Caterpillar parts. When you purchase used parts from Cleveland Brothers, you get an additional measure of quality assurance. Cleveland Brothers is a proud member of the Caterpillar Dealers Used Parts Association, an organization that was designed to provide certification standards for CAT used parts quality. In addition, our experienced used parts staff can help you determine whether used parts are the best solution for you. For many people, our used heavy equipment parts are a great, affordable option.

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment: Rentals

For some companies, especially those whose operation is smaller in scope, renting equipment makes more sense than purchasing Cat equipment. Renting can also offer a more viable alternative for short-term equipment needs. If renting Caterpillar equipment makes sense for your business, you'll find a complete selection of small and mid-size heavy equipment for rent at Cleveland Brothers. You can visit one of our conveniently located One Call Rental Stores in person or access our online One Call Rental Store webpage. Daily, weekly, and monthly rentals are available.

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment: A Selection of Easy Finance Options

At Cleveland Brothers, you don't have to let the burden of taking on a major upfront expense prevent you from acquiring the Caterpillar equipment you need. We offer a variety of financing options that prevent your cash flow from taking a significant hit. You can also finance used equipment as well as new purchases. Our financing options include an installment sales contract, typically ranging from one to five years in duration. If leasing makes more sense for your business, your lease options include full payout finance, balloon, and fair market value tax. Our online credit application makes it easy to get the financing process started.

Caterpillar Heavy Equipment: Inventory

View our current inventory of used Caterpillar heavy equipment products. We think you'll agree that it will be hard to find a more complete selection of new or used Caterpillar products anywhere else. Feel free to contact us to learn more about the many ways Cleveland Brothers can help you solve your heavy equipment needs. More information on new Caterpillar heavy equipment.