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Used Water Pumps

Used Water Pumps

N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD100M 1164612-9 361 $27,500 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD100M 1164612-3 1,590 $26,950 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD103M 0853881-14 1,220 $30,485 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD103M 0955893-4 685 $37,080 Details »
GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 0853882-17 3,160 $24,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 1165856/32 1,561 $17,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 1165856/34 1,056 $19,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 1165856-33 2,915 $15,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 1166067-1 2,098 $15,750 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 1166642-34 545 $24,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 1166307-46 4,397 $21,500 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 1166642-60 1,086 $23,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 1166307-100 3,031 $20,906 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD150M 0644022/36 265 $22,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD225M 0853465-3 2,350 $22,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD225M 0853884-10 1,164 $29,000 Details »
N/A GODWIN PUMPS CD225M 0127995-33 1,846 $29,000 Details »
GODWIN PUMPS CD300M 0332779-5 4,556 $45,000 Details »

Used Water Pumps

Cleveland Brothers carries a variety of models of used Godwin pumps as part of our used power systems inventory. When you require industrial-strength pumping capabilities for removing water quickly and efficiently, Cleveland Brothers' line of Godwin pumps are the perfect solution for use in even the toughest of conditions.

Here you can find our current inventory of Godwin pumps, as well as details for each of the pumps available for purchase. Godwin pumps set the standard for pumping equipment among industrial businesses, and Cleveland Brothers recognized the need for this type of machinery for many of our clients.

Quality Products at Used Prices

Shop at Cleveland Brothers and take the risk out of buying used industrial water pumps. We keep detailed records for each of our used pumps, including lifetime hourly usage, serial number, and more. All units also come fully inspected and serviced by our team of experts. This means there are no surprises when you buy from us, and you'll get the confidence of knowing your purchase will provide you with years of productivity.

A diesel water pump is a large investment for any business — get the best value for your money by shopping Cleveland Brothers. You can see photos of our current inventory models and contact us for more information about any of the products listed here.

Applications and Accessories

Used pumps are an important component of power systems used by mining, disaster recovery, and manufacturing crews in need of a reliable and uninterrupted source of electricity. Cleveland Brothers carries compressors, heating & cooling equipment, and generators, all of which are necessary for successful power systems.

Depending on the make and model, a used Godwin pump is capable of removing up to several thousand gallons per minute of water. For smaller operations, lower priced Godwin pumps provide an economical way to remove water at a rate of several hundred gallons per minute. Most of our used Godwin pumps are powered by a Cat® diesel engine. Different engines burn different amounts of fuel per hour; contact Cleveland Brothers to learn more about pump specifications from a member of our experienced sales staff.

Benefits of Buying Used

Purchasing a used industrial water pump can have a number of advantages compared to buying new. Because Godwin pumps are built to deliver years of use, your purchase can have a long operational life at a fraction of the cost of a new unit with proper servicing. By buying used, not only do you save money, but you can afford to purchase a higher-quality product than you would otherwise. We offer used Godwin industrial water pumps at a variety of price points, suitable for almost any large-scale dewatering application.

About Godwin Pumps

Recognized as an industry leader for more than 30 years, Godwin pumps are prized for their quality and versatility in a variety of applications. Cleveland Brothers offers pumps for construction, mining, environmental testing and even disaster recovery. In fact, Godwin products were instrumental in helping Pennsylvania and Maryland businesses recover from the effects of 2012's Hurricane Sandy.

In addition to supplying a large selection of used Godwin diesel water pumps, Cleveland Brothers also offers emergency service, parts and preventative maintenance — contact our team directly for more information.

Contact Cleveland Brothers Today

Get in touch with Cleveland Brothers today with any further questions you may have about our used Godwin pumps. A representative will be able to provide more information about our current inventory, as well as financing and pricing options.