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TrucBrush – The Ultimate Tool in Snow Removal

By: Danielle

The Ultimate Snow Removal Tool - TrucBrush

With winter right around the corner, we have to consider the potential of snow and the safety concerns that come with it. Accumulation of ice and snow on vehicles can increase the risk of damage to another vehicle, bodily injury and even death. The current Pennsylvania law regarding snow and ice accumulation on  vehicles states that when snow or ice dislodges from a moving vehicle and strikes another vehicle or pedestrian, causing injury or death,  a fine of $200 to $1,000 will be charged for each offense, on top of the accident liability.

Pennsylvania laws are only becoming stricter on this topic as a bill, introduced by Senator Boscola, is currently in review for vehicles to be completely free of snow and ice before operating on public roads. Similar laws have already taken place in other states as well, including New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Larger vehicles, such as trucks, trailers and buses in transit, can have more dangerous sheets of ice fall from them. These vehicles are also the hardest vehicles to clean because of their height and the slippery surface of a trailer rooftop.

Traditional fixed snow removal devices such as a H-type frame with a blade which tractor-trailers travel under to clear snow from the top of the trailer, can cause damage to the trailer’s rooftop panels and panel fasteners like pop rivets. Because these removal devices are stationary, trucks have to drive to the fixed device which can be inconvenient or even inaccessible. Snow removal equipment, like a wheel loader, must be utilized to clear the snow from the travel path after each trailer passes through the fixed device, otherwise, “scraped snow left behind the trailer may raise the second trailer as the vehicle drives through scraper, causing damage to the top of the second trailer,” says the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI). These fixed devices cannot effectively remove significant snow accumulation heights, nor can they remove ice that is frozen to the rooftops without potential damage to the rooftop. They can also only be used on trailers with flat roofs and therefore do not work well on intermodal containers with corrugated roofs, according to the ATRI study.”

The TrucBrush® is a quick, safe and economical solution to remove snow and ice from large vehicles prior to transit. TrucBrush’s polypropylene bristles dislodge snow and ice on rooftops without damage to panels and fasteners.  Snow and ice are thrown to the side of the truck away from the lane of operation, so travel paths aren’t encumbered with snow piles for the next truck in line.  The TrucBrush is an attachment, making it completely mobile, which frees up valuable terminal or parking space and is easily stored in summer months. This attachment is powered by the hydraulics of a wheel loader that allows it to operate under extremely cold conditions. Optionally, the TrucBrush can be re-purposed as a traditional street broom with a summer kit.”

The attachment is designed for optimal clearing. It quickly and easily attaches to and is powered by wheel loaders ranging from the Cat 918M to the 950M to allow for quick change out to a bucket or snow pusher for ground snow management. The TrucBrush easily accommodates any truck, trailer or bus height to clear snow and ice with its powerful hydraulic system and dual rotational operation in one minute or less.

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Snow Removal Tool for Hauling Trucks & Buses

Clear snow off heavy duty vehicles faster with the new TrucBrush attachment.

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