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Equipping Yourself for Forestry Duty

By: Danielle
November 16, 2017

Working in the forestry and logging industry is hard work. Not only do you have to deal with rough terrain, unpredictable weather and tight deadlines, you also have to account for the natural variation in tree diameter, length, weight and shape. When it comes time to load what you’ve felled, you want to make sure that you’re equipped with a powerful, reliable and versatile machine. That machine is the new Cat® 559D or 579D Knuckleboom Loader.

You can always trust Cat to deliver on design and engineering. Their heavy-duty equipment is used in forestry applications all around the world. Nothing brings together the right mix of features, performance and durability like a Cat Knuckleboom Loader. The 559D and 579D combines rugged, proven construction with advanced technology and controls to make handling and loading logs more efficient. Consider class-leading specifications such as:

  • An efficient Cat C4.4 ACERT™ U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final engine putting out 129.3 kW / 173 hp
  • Multi-functioning grapple hydraulics capable of lifting, rotating and swinging without performance loss
  • Unbeatable stabilizer actuation for optimized footing in uneven and treacherous terrain
  • Intelligently-engineered booms that support heavy loads at maximum reach positions
  • Improved cooling for engine and hydraulic oil for added durability and less maintenance
  • Auto-idle engine programming for fuel savings during activity downtime

It’s not hard to see why more and more forestry outfits are adding the Cat 559D and 579D Knuckleboom Loaders to their fleets. You’ll work smarter and more efficiently with this advanced piece of logging equipment and can save time and money over the long term.

Built to Make Your Job Easier

Caterpillar leaves no stone unturned when looking for ways to add efficiency to their equipment. Their newest lineup of Knuckleboom Loaders are not only the best performers on the market, they also include a whole host of features designed to make them easier to use, service and maintain:

  • Ground-level access to many key service points (all filters, fluid reservoirs, electrical panel)
  • Hinged doors providing fast and easy access to service locations and daily checkpoints
  • Single cylinder main boom that simplifies service and maintenance (compared to dual cylinder systems)
  • Plated large-diameter pins that are more resistant to wear and greased seals to reduce contamination

You will spend less time servicing your Knuckleboom Loader and more time putting it to work to move, pile and load your logs and timber. Proven Caterpillar reliability means that you’ll get more hours on the counters before your equipment requires service and repairs, helping you avoid costly and frustrating downtime.

The Advantages Add Up

While the Cat 559D/579D Knuckleboom Loaders are convincing on their own, for Pennsylvania logging equipment customers, there is an additional incentive. On July 1st, 2017, a change in tax rules for forestry equipment came into effect. The new rules, signed by Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, exempt equipment used on tree farms from sales tax. This means significant savings for your business that you can put into other investments or equipment purchases. You can look into the details of this new tax law or contact our team here at Cleveland Brothers for more information.

Partner with Cleveland Brothers for Your Loader Purchase

You won’t find a more experienced or dedicated source for Knuckleboom Loaders and other forestry equipment than Cleveland Brothers. Our team has decades of experience meeting the needs and surpassing the expectations of customers in most of Pennsylvania as well as 17 counties in Northern West Virginia and 2 counties in Western Maryland, so contact us today for more information or to obtain a free quote.

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