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Spicer Carrier Extended 3-Year Warranty

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Spicer Carrier Extended 3-Year Warranty

1 Trusted Name + 2 Great Products = A 3-Year Warranty

Get an Extended Warranty on Your Spicer® Carrier When You Purchase Spicer Gear Lube!

Purchase a new Spicer Service Carrier for your linehaul vehicle, fill it with Spicer Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Gear Lube and your 2-year unlimited mileage warranty can be extended 12 months for a total of 3 years!

Extend Your Warranty in 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Purchase a new medium- or heavy-duty Spicer Service Carrier for your linehaul vehicle

Spicer Carriers
Spicer medium- and heavy-duty carriers are built with 100% Spicer parts, with premium gearing, bearings and oil seals in every unit.

Step 2: Fill it with Spicer FE 75W-90 Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Gear Lube or Spicer XFE Extra Fuel-Efficient Synthetic Gear Lube

Spicer Oil
Spicer fuel-efficient synthetic gear lubricants ensure longer gear life and better operating performance, while also offering quantifiable fuel savings.

Step 3: Register your carrier purchase with Dana to receive your warranty

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Expires Dec. 31, 2022

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    Terms and Conditions

    *To receive your warranty, you must register your carrier purchase with Dana.