Equipment Service Programs & Options Tailored to You

Protecting your machine should be simple so we put together easy maintenance and service programs to choose from or you can speak with a CVA Specialist to develop a fully customizable Customer Value Agreement tailored towards your business and operations. All service agreement programs include a defined period of time established between both the customer and Cleveland Brothers.

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Preventive Maintenance Programs

Performing routine preventive maintenance will help you maximize machine productivity while keeping operating and repairs costs to a minimum. But don’t let preventive maintenance be an afterthought. No matter the size of your fleet, as equipment owners, you have other responsibilities that need your attention. Let us help you! Cleveland Brothers can work with you to develop a preventive maintenance agreement so you can focus on completing projects and let our experienced technicians handled the maintenance. It’s what we do best.

Preventive Maintenance includes:

  • Full Visual Machine Inspection

  • Genuine Cat parts only

  • Filter Replacement

  • Oil & Fluid Check

  • Oil Sampling & Fluid Analysis

  • Written Reports & Analysis

  • And much more!

With a preventive maintenance agreement, you’ll know ahead of time when your machine will be scheduled for maintenance so you can plan for downtime and maximize job site productivity by allocating assets where needed. Your Place or Ours. Our experienced technicians can perform regularly scheduled maintenance in our shop or out on your job site. No matter where, we guarantee that all our services are performed to factory specifications. Our service trucks are fully equipped to perform basic machine service and testing on your entire machine.


Machine Inspection Programs

Early detection of potential problems reduces repair costs and unscheduled machine down time. Add Machine Inspections to your Customer Value Agreement to have our highly trained technicians perform full inspections of your equipment at factory-recommended intervals. With our advanced diagnostic tools and experienced technicians, we’ll tell you what’s going on with your machine, pinpoint any problem areas, and get expert recommendations for additional services or repairs, if needed.


Major Component Service Programs

Leverage our expertise in component repair and choose to cover all major or specific machine components under your customer value agreement – engines, transmissions, drive trains, and hydraulics. CVAs can cover all major and minor repairs and include scheduled component repairs or overhauls. With proactive monitoring and repair service from Cleveland Brothers, a CVA can help you reduce unplanned repair costs with guaranteed pricing for covered repairs and help extend overall machine life.


Complete Maintenance & Repair Programs

A complete maintenance and repair program allows you to focus on your business and lets Cleveland Brothers handle all of your machine’s maintenance needs for a guaranteed price during the agreement period. Specifically designed for the machine, this program is the ideal package for equipment owners that want to achieve an optimal machine life while keeping repair costs to a minimum. A dedicated CVA coordinator will monitor and evaluate the entire machine(s) throughout the agreement; regular inspections, preventive maintenance, and covered repairs will be provided.


Customized Equipment Service Agreements

Customized service agreements are just that – customizable. Our CVAs allow for flexibility so that we can tailor the services to your business needs. Choose from any of the programs above, combine them or choose bits and pieces of each to develop a CVA that’s right for your operations. Our expert CVA specialists will work with you to determine the best CVA plan to maximize machine life through routine maintenance and inspections, proactive repairs and overhauls, and condition monitoring. Let our experts to care for your fleet while you focus on running your business.


Engine Preventive Maintenance Level I

A comprehensive inspection of the engine’s cooling, fuel, lube, air, exhaust and starting systems, inspection of the engine’s monitors, safety controls, control panel, and an oil & coolant analysis. This service is recommended weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually depending on use and application. For standby systems, it is recommended semiannually. Optional monthly inspections are available.


Engine Preventive Maintenance Level II

Includes all of the inspections from the Level I inspection plus changing the lubricating oil, lubricating oil filter, fuel filter and oil & coolant analysis. This service is recommended monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually depending on use and application. For standby systems, this service is recommended annually.


Engine coolant flush

Drain the radiator anti-freeze/coolant and refill with high quality anti-freeze/coolant. Replace all coolant, hoses, belts, and thermostats. When using Cat® Diesel Engine Anti-freeze/Coolant (DEAC), this service is recommended every three (3) years. When using Cat Extended Life Coolant (ELC), this service is recommended every six (6) years and the extender is recommended at half-life three (3) years.


Engine Battery Testing & Replacement

The number one reason that gensets don’t start during an emergency situation is the starting batteries. This service replaces the starting batteries. When using Cat Premium High Output batteries, this service is recommended every three (3) years. For all other batteries, this service is recommended every two (2) years.


Engine Load-Bank Testing

2-hour (optional 4-hour) load test at 80% of the generator nameplate rating using resistive load bank(s). This service helps to identify any malfunctions and potential problems before they cause equipment failure. This also burns off harmful deposits in the combustion chamber, injector nozzles and exhaust system caused by lightly loading the genset. This service is recommended annually.


Engine Megohmmeter Testing

Generator winding megger testing. This testing can help in early detection of deterioration or breakdown of generator windings, cabling insulation, and/or poor lug connectors. Winding deterioration can be caused by moisture, grease or oil residue, physical damage from overheating/overloading, and age deterioration. The frequency of this test is determined by the generator’s environment and usage.