Engine Rebuild Center

Gas Compression Engine Rebuild Center

An engine rebuild could be just the solution you need to save money and uphold performance standards. Cleveland Brothers has spent decades serving companies in Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia with high quality parts, and we go the extra mile at our center in Ebensburg, Pa., by offering cost-effective natural gas engine rebuilds.

At our gas engine rebuild center, we use our skills and experience to manufacture components you can trust. We support a variety of Cat® gas compression engines, including those in the G3300 series, the G3400 series, the G3500 series and the G3600 series. Our technicians are trained to rebuild your engines with the proper specifications and standards.

Why Visit Our Gas Engine Rebuild Center?

When your engine starts to fail due to wear and tear, a major question comes to mind. How expensive will it be to replace this engine?

The good news is that Cleveland Brothers helps you make the most of your current engine by rebuilding it for a lower cost. Instead of having to buy a brand new unit, you can upgrade the engine you have with the help of our skilled professionals.

Rebuilding your engine is convenient and cost effective. In addition, it increases your engine’s longevity while giving it some of the market’s latest improvements. Our rebuilt engines deliver stellar performance so you can stay productive and up to date.

Reach Out Today

With our natural gas engine rebuilds, you can continue using your current engine at a lower ownership cost for years to come. To request more information, contact us online or reach out to our Ebensburg location.

Features & Benefits

Proven Methods

  • Reliable and repeated process methods
  • Strict adherence to contamination control in a 100% climate-controlled facility
  • Strict adherence to OEM inspection and reusability guidelines

State-of-the-Art Facility

  • 165,000 sq. ft. engine rebuild facility with up to 25 work bays
  • Two dyno test cells to test rebuilt engines under full load
  • Extensive Parts Warehouse

True Cat Zero Overhaul

  • Engine is taken down to the bare block
  • Documented procedures are followed
  • Machining capabilities restore bores to like-new

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