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Rental Preventive Maintenance Cost Schedule

Cleveland Brothers

Cleveland Brothers maintains a robust Preventive Maintenance (PM) program to ensure both productive and reliable equipment. While customers are responsible for the cost of maintenance, Cleveland Brothers offers flexible and affordable options.

Cleveland Brothers uses Product Link technology (GPS connectivity) to properly schedule maintenance, so our rental customers only pay based upon the machine hours used during the rental period.

While all preventive maintenance service is included with our compact and small equipment, Cleveland Brothers offers reduced pricing for our mid- and large-sized production machines. We also provide customers with the flexibility of performing their own preventive maintenance, including free fluid sample kits that our oil laboratory will process at no charge to ensure their rental equipment is in optimum operating condition.

PM Pricing Schedule By Model:

Class Model Range Cost/Hour
Mid Size Excavators 320-349 $4.00
Mid Size Wheel Loaders 938-962 $4.00
Medium Dozers D6-D7 $5.00
Wheel Excavators M318-M322 $4.00
Grader 120M-140M $5.00
Soil Compactors 815-825 $6.00
Mid Size Wheel Loaders 966-972 $5.00
Pipelayers PL61-583 $4.50
Large Dozers D8-D9 $5.00
Articulated Trucks 725-740 $6.00
Large Wheel Loaders 980-988 $7.00
Large Excavators 375-390 $8.00
Off-Road Haul Trucks 772-777 $8.00
Scrapers 627-657 $8.00

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