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Keep Your Machine Running in Tip-Top Shape

All the preventive maintenance and customer-service agreements Cleveland Brothers offers aim to keep your equipment in absolute top running condition, eliminate downtime, and avoid delays. You can choose an agreement that best fits your business and budget, or we can create an ultra-flexible customized plan that includes one or all of the available options:

  • Inspection of equipment for problems or excessive wear.
  • Analysis of fluid levels and cleanliness.
  • Reports for each piece of equipment.
  • Expert technicians intimately familiar with your Cat machine(s).
  • Evaluations of crucial, individual systems such as engine, undercarriage, hydraulics, drive train and transmission.
  • Regular examination of overall performance to maintain efficiency.
  • Contamination prevention for critical components such as system hydraulics.
  • Remote equipment monitoring for idle time, fluid levels and fuel usage.
  • Cleveland Brothers’ expertise and the wireless ProductLink™ software, which senses and relays information about the equipment to better manage your fleet.
  • Tracking of location, job hours, maintenance schedule and needed repairs for optimal and uninterrupted productivity.
  • Watching diagnostic codes and other indicators of equipment health.
  • Recording maintenance and service history for easy reference.
  • Finding, ordering, delivering and/or installing parts.

Cleveland Brothers serves as your partner to help you find everything from new and used parts to a full-service plan that addresses your heavy-equipment maintenance. Log on today for access to the full array of quality Cat parts and service plans that can provide you protection and peace of mind, while helping you consistently achieve uninterrupted production.

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