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Cat® Electric Driver Motors for Gas Compression

Cleveland Brothers

When you need dependable, high-performance tools and equipment for even the toughest jobs out there, trust that the experts at CB HYMAC can help you find exactly what you need. We have a vast selection of exceptional Caterpillar® equipment, including our exceptional electric drive motors for gas compression.

You can utilize our electric drive motors for a range of different projects, guaranteed to help you complete your most intense projects in a timely, budget-friendly and efficient way. The Caterpillar electric drive motors for gas compression available at CB HYMAC have been extensively tested in the harshest environments to ensure reliable, lasting performance. You can also expect high operating efficiency, reduced noise levels, low-maintenance and operational costs and zero site emissions.

Reach out to the team at CB HYMAC today to learn more about our reliable and affordable Cat electric drive motor solutions — with our range of high-quality solutions, we’re sure we can find the right type of equipment options for your specific job needs and long and short term expectations.

Exceptional Power Built to Last

With Cat’s superior selection of electric drive motors for gas compression, you’ll experience lasting strength and power for even your most demanding gas compression needs. Every Cat electric drive motor is crafted according to the highest industry standards using the best tools and parts available for assured quality. Each motor is thoroughly tested at each stage of its manufacturing process to ensure efficiency and effective results, no matter where the motor is being utilized, with emphasis on performance under load to meet your specific process requirements.

The Cat electric drive motors available at your local CB HYMAC are differentiated by extremely effective results, minimal operating costs, low noise output and no harmful site emissions. Work with our team to find personalized electric drive motor solutions from Cat.

Features of Our Caterpillar Electric Drive Motors for Gas Compression

At CB HYMAC, we understand that for you to achieve success and streamlined performance at all of your job sites, you need access to the best equipment solutions available. That’s why you’ll find a wide selection of Cat equipment like electric drive motors for gas compression. Our Caterpillar electric drive motors feature the most improved manufacturing standards and advancements for exceptional lasting performance. With our selection of electric drive motors, you’ll find the following specifications for even better results:

  • Bearings: Improved insulated non-drive end bearings and bearing RTDs for better temperature monitoring and reduced bearing currents
  • Rotors: High-quality rotors featuring minimal vibration design, dynamic balance at full motor speed and a forged, keyless shaft
  • Stators: The welded and machined stator core retains its strength and rigidity throughout the motor’s lifespan to ensure a tight, effective insulation system for better heat transfer

Learn More Today by Calling CB HYMAC Today

CB HYMAC is the premier Cat store throughout Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. With the largest selection of heavy-duty rental equipment and machinery for purchase available, like our unmatched electric drive motor products. Our team of knowledgeable, experienced experts can work closely with you to find electric drive motors for gas compression solutions that suit your specific job needs across a range of industries.

Learn more about our selection of Caterpillar electric drive motors today by calling 866-551-4602 to speak to a team member or filling out our online form.

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