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BA25 Hydraulic Angle Broom 24V with Water

BA25 Hydraulic Angle Broom 24V with Water

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Overall Width
106.3 in
Sweeping Width
98.4 in
Brush Diameter
27.6 in
Required Hydraulics
Standard Flow
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Overall Width 106.3in
Sweeping Width 98.4in
Brush Diameter 27.6in
Required Hydraulics Standard Flow
Height 51.2in
Length 99in
Weight 1587.3lb
Optimal Hydraulic Flow 40-150 L/min 11-40 gpm)
Optimal Hydraulic Pressure 150-205 bar (2176-2973 psi)
Motor Displacement 11.9in³/rev
Brush Speed at Maximum Flow 380 rpm
Sweeping Width - Angled (± 30 Degrees) 85.2in
Overall Width - Angled (± 30 Degrees) 95.8in
Drive Method Direct Drive
Interface Type Fusion™ Coupler