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MP365 Demolition Jaw

MP365 Demolition Jaw

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Cycle Time - Open
2.1 s
Excavator Minimum
65 tons
Cycle Time - Close
1.6 s
Excavator Maximum
90 tons
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Cat® Multi-Processors accept multiple interchangeable jaws for a wide range of demolition tasks. Faster cycle times get your jobs done quicker. Greater power means taking on bigger jobs. Quick jaw change gives you the right tool for the task at hand, without slowing you down. All built on a durable, easy to maintain platform.

Cycle Time - Open 2.1s
Cycle Time - Close 1.6s
Crushing Force - Primary Cutter 820Sh Ton
Crushing Force - Cutter Tip 459Sh Ton
Crushing Force - Tooth Tip 228Sh Ton
Excavator Minimum 65 tons
Excavator Maximum 90 tons
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 5076psi
Jaw Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 119gal/min
Rotation Circuit - Max. Oil Pressure 160bar
Rotation Circuit - Max. Oil Flow 50l/min
Jaw Depth 42.9in
Cutter Length 8.9in
Jaw Opening - Maximum 54.5in
Jaw Width - Fixed 7.4in
Jaw Width - Moveable 7.4in
Length 105.4in
Height 103.4in
Width 43.3in