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Gross Power
73.8 HP
Standard Paving Range
1.75 - 3.42 m (5.6' - 11.1')
Operating Weight - With SE34 VT
18078 lb
Wheel Base
6.45 ft
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The AP300F is a small to mid-sized paver with a paving range from 1.75 m to 4.0 m (5.6 – 11.1 ft), making it a perfect fit for urban streets, cycle and walking paths, shoulders, as well as other small and medium job sites. A reduction option reduces the paving width to 700 mm (27 in) for trenches and other narrow applications. Technologically advanced features such as eco-mode, auto-fill, single-touch feeder activation, and automated travel mode make this paver and screed combination extremely productive and versatile for large and small contractors.


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Gross Power 73.8HP
Engine Model C3.3B

Operating Specifications

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Standard Paving Range 1.75 - 3.42 m (5.6' - 11.1')
Maximum Travel Speed 10mile/h
Maximum Paving Speed 200ft/min
Minimum Paving Width 27.5in
Maximum Paving Width 13.1ft


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Operating Weight - With SE34 VT 18078lb
Tractor Weight 14550lb
Operating Weight - With SE34 V 17637lb


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Wheel Base 6.45ft
Transport Width 6.3ft
Operating Length 16.5ft
Operating Height - With Canopy 11.2ft
Operating Width 10.4ft
Transport Length 16.4ft
Transport Height 8.6ft
Truck Entry Height 21.5in
Truck Entry Width 10.3ft

Service Refill Capacities

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Washdown Spray Tank 6.2gal (US)
Fuel Tank 29gal (US)