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AP355F Paver

AP355F Paver

At a Glance

Gross Power
74.8 HP
Standard Paving Range
1.75-3.42 m (5' 9" - 11' 2")
Operating Weight - With SE34 VT
19246 lb
Tractor Weight
16094 lb
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The AP355F paver combines excellent styling with technology that exemplifies comfort and productivity. Numerous technological enhancements help contractors navigate around the twists and turns of urban environments and mountain roads.


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Gross Power 74.8HP
Engine Model Cat C3.3B

Operating Specifications

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Standard Paving Range 1.75-3.42 m (5' 9" - 11' 2")
Maximum Paving Speed 210ft/min
Maximum Travel Speed 7mile/h
Maximum Paving Width 15.1ft


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Operating Weight - With SE34 VT 19246lb
Tractor Weight 16094lb
Operating Weight - With SE34 V 18850lb

Service Refill Capacities

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Fuel Tank Capacity 29gal (US)
Washdown Tank 6.2gal (US)


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Operating Height - With Canopy 11.1ft
Transport Height - Canopy Retracted 8.6ft
Ground Contact Length 8.6ft
Operating Width 10.45ft
Transport Length 15.75ft
Transport Width 6.3ft
Truck Entry Height 21.5in
Truck Entry Width 10.3ft
Operating Length 16.5ft