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AP655 Mobil-Trac Paver

AP655 Mobil-Trac Paver

At a Glance

Gross Power
173 HP
Paving Range with SE47 FM
2.44 - 6.25 m (8' - 20' 6")
Operating weight with SE47 FM
40560 lb
Fuel Tank Capacity
73 gal (US)
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The AP655 asphalt paver is a rubber track paver that delivers a high-return on investment. This high-production paver offers a fast heating screed system, durable components, and easy to use technology, while consuming less fuel. A variety of screed choices provide versatility and high-quality results on interstates, highways, airports, and parking lots.


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Gross Power 173HP
Engine Model Cat C4.4


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Paving Range with SE47 FM 2.44 - 6.25 m (8' - 20' 6")
Paving Range with SE50 V 2.55 - 6.5 m (8' 4" - 21' 4")
Paving Range with SE60 V 3.0 m - 7.65 m (9' 10" - 25')
Paving Range with SE60 FM 3.0 m - 7.8 m (10' - 25' 6")
Operating Length 21.75ft
Operating Width 10.8ft
Overall Height 12.3ft
Transport Length 20.9ft
Transport Width 9.8ft
Transport Height 9.7ft


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Operating weight with SE47 FM 40560lb
Operating weight with SE50 V 41597lb
Operating weight with SE60 FM 42150lb
Operating weight with SE60 V 41890lb
Shipping Weight - Paver Only 33730lb

Service Refill Capacities

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Fuel Tank Capacity 73gal (US)
DEF Tank 5gal (US)
Cooling System 8gal (US)
Hydraulic Oil Tank 58gal (US)
Washdown Tank 7.9gal (US)

Operating Specifications

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Maximum Travel Speed 9mile/h
Maximum Paving Speed 210ft/min
Inside Turn Radius 1.5ft
Maximum Throughput Capacity 1433tonnes/hr