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MH3026 Wheel Material Handler

MH3026 Wheel Material Handler

At a Glance

Engine Model
Cat C7.1
Operating Weight
25 220-26 150 kg (55,601-57,651 lb)
Maximum Travel Speed
16 mile/h
Tier 4 Final/Stage IV
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We know that when it comes to material handling equipment, your success depends on productivity and low operating costs. The MH3026 is a purpose-built material handler, designed for industrial and recycling applications that call for safe, quality and reliable products. It is relentlessly efficient for sites and applications requiring larger lifting capacities and working envelope.


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Engine Model Cat C7.1
Emissions Tier 4 Final/Stage IV
Displacement 427.8in³
Maximum Gross - ISO 14396 129.4 kW (174 hp [176 hp/PS*])
Bore 4.1in
Cylinders 6 in-line
Maximum Net Power - SAE J1349/ISO 9249 126 kW (169 hp [171 hp/PS*])
Maximum Torque - 1,400 rpm 612ft·lbf
Note *Metric values.
Stroke 5.3in


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Operating Weight 25 220-26 150 kg (55,601-57,651 lb)
MH Push Blade 1643lb
Key Components - Drop Nose (5900 mm/19'4") 2459lb
With MH Boom (6800 mm/22'4") - MH 2.99 m/9'8" Undercarriage and 5900 mm (19'4") Drop Nose Stick 56813lb
With MH Boom (6800 mm/22'4") - MH 2.99 m/9'8" Undercarriage and Straight Stick 57651lb
Key Components - Drop Nose (4900 mm/16'1") 2106lb
Key Components - Drop Nose (5500 mm/18'1") 2370lb
Key Components - MH Blade 1643lb
Key Components - Straight (4800 mm/15'9") 3131lb
Note Operating weight is with solid tires, 5200 kg (11,465 lb) counterweight, MH undercarriage, fuel tank, operator and work tool, 1400 kg (3,086 lb). Weight varies depending on configuration.
With MH Boom (6800 mm/22'4") - MH 2.75 m/9'0" Undercarriage and Straight Stick 55601lb


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Maximum Travel Speed 16mile/h
Maximum Travel Speed - 2nd Gear 16mile/h
Creeper Speed - 2nd Gear 7.5mile/h
Maximum Gradeability (25 000 kg/55,120 lb) 60%

Swing Mechanism

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Swing Speed 9r/min
Maximum Swing Torque 43516ft·lbf

Service Refill Capabilities

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Hydraulic Tank Capacity 52.8gal (US)
Hydraulic System Capacity 93gal (US)
Cooling System 12.3gal (US)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank 9.1gal (US)
Fuel Tank 111gal (US)

Hydraulic System - Maximum Pressure

+ -
Implement Circuit - Normal 5076psi
Implement Circuit - Heavy Lift 5366psi
Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 5076psi
Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 3046psi
Swing Mechanism 4496psi
Travel Circuit 5076psi

Hydraulic System - Maximum Flow

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Implement/Travel Circuit 95gal/min
Swing Mechanism 31.1gal/min
Auxiliary Circuit - High Pressure 66gal/min
Auxiliary Circuit - Medium Pressure 13gal/min

Maximum Dimensions - Approximate

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Maximum Shipping Height* 11.08ft
Note *5900 mm (19'4") stick needs to be detached for transportation.
Maximum Shipping Width 9.83ft

Working Ranges - Without Work Tool: MH Boom (6800 mm/22'4)

+ -
Maximum Height 43.67ft
Maximum Reach 40.92ft
Maximum Depth 9.58ft

Working Ranges - without Work Tool: MH Boom (6800 mm/22'4)

+ -
Maximum Height 41.33ft
Maximum Reach 39.08ft
Maximum Depth 8.25ft


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Axle Clearance - All MH Undercarriages 12.8in
Oscillation Axle Angle ±5 degrees