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120M2 AWD Motor Grader

120M2 AWD Motor Grader

At a Glance

Base Power (1st Gear) - Net
145 HP
Operating Weight - Typically Equipped
41859 lb
Blade Width
12 ft
Engine Model
Cat® C7.1 ACERT™
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The M Series 2 continues the legacy of quality already established by Cat Motor Graders. The extensive validation program, combined with improvements to the manufacturing process, allows Caterpillar to further enhance our quality. The end result of this development process is a motor grader line with breakthrough technologies, tested in the field and built around real applications and real customer needs. M Series 2 Motor Graders meet Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB equivalent emission standards.


+ -
Base Power (1st Gear) - Net 145HP
Engine Model Cat® C7.1 ACERT™
Bore 4.13in
Stroke 5.31in
Speed at Rated Power 2,100 rpm
AWD Range - Net 114-156 kW (153-209 hp)
AWD Range - Net - Metric 114-156 kW (155-212 hp)
Base Power (1st Gear) - Net - Metric 147HP
VHP Plus - Gear 1F, Net 145HP
VHP Plus - Gear 2F, Net 153HP
VHP Plus - Gear 3F, Net 161HP
VHP Plus - Gear 4F, Net 169HP
VHP Plus - Gear 5F, Net 174HP
VHP Plus - Gear 6F, Net 179HP
VHP Plus - Gear 7F, Net 184HP
VHP Plus - Gear 8F, Net 189HP
Base Power (All Gears) - Net 145HP
Emissions Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB equivalent
High Ambient - Fan Speed - Standard 1,000 rpm
Maximum Torque 693lb/ft
Standard Capability 109°F
Torque Rise 45%
VHP Plus Range - Net 108-141 kW (145-189 hp)
VHP Plus Range - Net - Metric 108-141 kW (147-192 hp)
Displacement 428in³
Number of Cylinders 6
Derating Altitude 10000ft
High Ambient - Fan Speed - Maximum 1,350 rpm
High Ambient - Fan Speed - Minimum 500 rpm
High - Ambient Capability 122°F


+ -
Operating Weight - Typically Equipped 41859lb
Gross Vehicle Weight - Maximum - Rear Axle 33312lb
Gross Vehicle Weight - Base - Front Axle 9777lb
Gross Vehicle Weight - Base - Rear Axle 27438lb
Gross Vehicle Weight - Maximum - Total 48987lb
Gross Vehicle Weight - Base - Total 37214lb
Gross Vehicle Weight - Maximum - Front Axle 15675lb
Operating Weight - Typically Equipped - Front Axle 11614lb
Operating Weight - Typically Equipped - Rear Axle 30244lb
Operating Weight - Typically Equipped - Total 41859lb


+ -
Blade Width 12ft
Moldboard - Height 24in
Moldboard - Thickness 0.87in
Arc Radius 16.3in
Throat Clearance 4.9in
Cutting Edge Width 6in
Cutting Edge Thickness 0.6in
End Bit - Width 6in
End Bit - Thickness 0.6in
Blade Pull - Base GVW 23737lb
Blade Pull - Maximum GVW 44088lb
Blade Down Pressure - Base GVW 15030lb
Blade Down Pressure - Maximum GVW 27235lb

Operating Specifications

+ -
Top Speed - Forward 28.4mile/h
Top Speed - Reverse 22.4mile/h
Turning Radius - Outside Front Tires 24.3ft
Steering Range - Left/Right 47.5°
Articulation Angle - Left/Right 20°
Forward - 1st 2.5mile/h
Forward - 2nd 3.4mile/h
Forward - 3rd 4.9mile/h
Forward - 4th 6.7mile/h
Forward - 5th 10.4mile/h
Forward - 6th 14.2mile/h
Forward - 7th 19.5mile/h
Forward - 8th 28.4mile/h
Reverse - 1st 1.9mile/h
Reverse - 2nd 3.9mile/h
Reverse - 3rd 5.3mile/h
Reverse - 4th 8.2mile/h
Reverse - 5th 15.4mile/h
Reverse - 6th 22.4mile/h

Service Refill

+ -
Fuel Capacity 100gal (US)
Cooling System 12.9gal (US)
Hydraulic System - Tank 16.9gal (US)
Engine Oil 7.9gal (US)
Transmission - Differential - Final Drives 16.5gal (US)
Tandem Housing - Each 15.6gal (US)
Front Wheel Spindle Bearing Housing 0.13gal (US)
Circle Drive Housing 1.8gal (US)

Power Train

+ -
Forward/Reverse Gears 8 Forward/6 Reverse
Transmission Direct Drive, Powershift
Brakes - Service Multiple Oil Disc
Brakes - Service - Surface Area 3565in²
Brakes - Parking Multiple Oil Disc
Brakes - Secondary Dual Circuit

Hydraulic System

+ -
Circuit Type Parallel
Pump Type Variable Piston
Pump Output 55.7gal/min
Maximum System Pressure 3500psi
Reservoir Tank Capacity 15.85gal (US)
Standby Pressure 609psi


+ -
Drawbar - Width 3in
Circle - Diameter 60.2in
Circle - Blade Beam Thickness 1.4in
Drawbar - Height 6in
Front Frame Structure - Height 11in
Front Frame Structure - Width 8in
Drawbar - Thickness 0.4in
Front-Top/Bottom Plate - Width 10in
Front-Top/Bottom Plate - Thickness 0.87in
Front Axle - Height to Center 22.5in
Front Axle - Wheel Lean - Left/Right 18°
Front Axle - Total Oscillation per Side 32°

Blade Range

+ -
Circle Centershift - Right 25.8in
Circle Centershift - Left 25.8in
Moldboard Sideshift - Right 26in
Moldboard Sideshift - Left 20.1in
Maximum Blade Position Angle 90°
Blade Tip Range - Forward 40°
Blade Tip Range - Backward
Maximum Lift Above Ground 16.8in
Maximum Depth of Cut 28.3in
Maximum Shoulder Reach Outside of Tires - Right 75in
Maximum Shoulder Reach Outside of Tires - Left 68.6in


+ -
Brakes ISO 3450
Sound ISO 6394; ISO 6395
Steering ISO 5010


+ -
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth - Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing 4.6in
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth - Scarifier Shank Holders 5/11
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth - Scarifying Depth, Maximum 18.4in
Front, V-Type, 5 or 11 Tooth - Working Width 40.6in
Front, V-Type - Working Width 47.4in
Mid, Straight - Ripping Depth, Maximum 12.5in
Mid, Straight - Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing 4.4in
Mid, Straight - Scarifier Shank Holders 17
Mid, Straight - Scarifying Depth, Maximum 16.8in
Mid, Straight - Working Width 71in
Mid, V-Type - Scarifier Shank Holders 11
Mid, V-Type - Scarifier Shank Holder Spacing 4.6in
Mid, V-Type - Scarifying Depth, Maximum 11.5in
Mid, V-Type - Working Width 46.6in


+ -
Ripping Depth - Maximum 8.9in
Ripper Shank Holder Spacing 21in
Ripper Shank Holders 5
Penetration Force 17692lb
Pry-Out Force 5660lb
Machine Length Increase, Beam Raised 41.5in

Air Conditioning System

+ -
Air Conditioning The air conditioning system on this machine contains the fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerant R134a (Global Warming Potential = 1430). The system contains 1.6 kg of refrigerant which has a CO2 equivalent of 2.88 metric tonnes.


+ -
Note U.S. EPA Tier 4 Interim/EU Stage IIIB equivalent


+ -
17.5 R25 Tire (14x25 Rim) Dimension Adjustments - Height to Dimensions 1, 2, 8, 9, 10 -0.8in
17.5 R25 Tire (14x25 Rim) Dimension Adjustments - Length Front Tire to Rear of Machine Dimension 6 -0.6in
17.5 R25 Tire (14x25 Rim) Dimension Adjustments - Width to Tire Centerline Dimension 11 4.1in
17.5 R25 Tire (14x25 Rim) Dimension Adjustments - Width to Tire Front/Rear Tires Dimensions 12, 13 7.6in
Note Dimension changes may vary by brand/type and inflation of tires.


+ -
Height 19.8in
Width 6.8in
Sidewall Thickness - Inner 0.5in
Sidewall Thickness - Outer 0.6in
Drive Chain Pitch 1.8in
Wheel Axle Spacing 59.5in
Tandem Oscillation - Front Up 15°
Tandem Oscillation - Front Down 25°