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535D Wheel Skidder

535D Wheel Skidder

At a Glance

Gross Power
225 HP
Grapple Capacity
16.6 ft²
Weight - Dual Function
45780 lb
Weight - Single Function
44766 lb
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Building on Caterpillar’s 40+ years’ experience designing and manufacturing skidders, the Cat® D Series Wheel Skidder delivers more productivity at lower operating cost. Get more wood to the landing faster in a stable machine with a roomy, comfortable environment for the operator. Advanced hydraulics speed up multi-functioning and cycle times and give you more lift capacity. The D Series runs cool and is designed to keep debris from collecting inside the machine. Tilting cab and other access points cut the time needed for daily maintenance and servicing.


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Gross Power 225HP
Engine Model Cat C7.1 ACERT™
Displacement 428in³
Bore 4.13in
Maximum Torque at Rated Speed 922 N-m at 1,400 RPM
Derating Altitude 9843ft
Electrical System 24V
Battery Quantity 2
Battery - Volts 12V
Battery Capacity 950 CCA
Number of Cylinders 6

Grapple Dimensions

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Grapple Capacity 16.6ft²
Minimum Stem Diameter 7.2in
Full Closed Height 54in
Tip to Tip Height 83in
Tong Ppening 127in
Full Open Height 75in


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Weight - Dual Function 45780lb
Weight - Single Function 44766lb
Weight - Cable 42097lb
Overall Width - 35.5L-32 145.8in
Ground Level to Top Arch/Boom* - Cable 109.6in
Ground Level to Top Arch/Boom* - Single Function 145.8in
Ground Level to Top Arch/Boom* - Dual Function 162.8in
Ground Level to Axle Centerline* 33.2in
Overall Length - Cable 292.9in
Overall Length - Single Function 361.9in
Overall Length - Dual Function 333.3in
Ground Clearance* 21.7in
Blade Lift Height* 56.1in
Blade Dig Depth* 20.8in
Height - Top of Cab* 133.3in
Blade Width - Standard 105.4in
Blade Width - Wide 123.5in
Overall Width - 30.5L-32 NOAW 126.6in
Overall Width - 30.5L-32 2X Ring 126.6in
Overall Width - 30.5L-32 133.3in
Overall Width - 35.5L-32 NOAW 139.1in
Wheel Base 149.4in

Service Refill

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Fuel Tank 99.8gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Total 32.5gal (US)
DEF Tank 5gal (US)
Engine Oil 7.1gal (US)
Cooling System 15.1gal (US)
Transmission - Torque Converter 14.3gal (US)
Parking Brake 14.4oz
Differential - Final Drives - Front 13.7gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Rear 13.7gal (US)
Differential - Final Drives - Tank 17.2gal (US)

Power Train

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Travel Speed - Forward 1 3.5mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward 2 4.7mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward 3 6.5mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward 4 8.8mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward 5 11.8mile/h
Travel Speed - Reverse 1 3.5mile/h
Travel Speed - Reverse 2 6.5mile/h
Travel Speed - Reverse 3 11.8mile/h
Travel Speed - Forward 6 12.4mile/h
Transmission Countershaft Powershift
Transmission Cooler Type Water to Oil


+ -
Service Enclosed wet single disc
Transmission Cooler Type Spring applied, hydraulically released

Hydraulic System

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Type Load sense, closed center
Pump Type Variable displacement piston pump
Pump Output 58gal/min

Winch - Retrival Winch

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Type Hydraulically driven
Maximum Line Pull - Bare Drum 40016
Maximum Line Speed 134ft/min
Drum Diameter 9in
Drum Width 10in
Drum Capacity - 19.0 mm (3/4 in) 195ft
Drum Capacity - 25.4 mm (1 in) 85ft

Winch - Logging Winch

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Type Hydraulically driven
Drum Diameter 9in
Maximum Line Pull - Bare Drum 40016
Maximum Line Speed 280ft/min
Drum Width 10in
Drum Capacity - 19.0 mm (3/4 in) 195ft
Drum Capacity - 25.4mm (1 in) 85ft

Lift Chart

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Ground Level to Axle Centerline* - Single Function 33.2in
Lift Height, Retracted - Single Function 86.9in
Lift Lowest, Furthest - Single Function 23.5in
Ground Level to Axle Centerline* - Dual Function 33.2in
Lift Height, Furthest - Dual Function 75.9in
Lift Height, Retracted - Dual Function 104.4in
Lift Lowest, Furthest - Dual Function 11in
Lift Lowest, Retracted - Dual Function 36.1in
Reach - Highest, Furthest - Dual Function 114.8in
Reach - Highest, Retracted - Dual Function 64.7in
Reach - Lowest, Furthest - Dual Function 99.1in
Reach - Lowest, Retracted - Dual Function 60.7in
Reach - Highest, Retracted - Single Function 70.3in
Reach - Lowest, Furthest - Single Function 105in