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TL1055 Telehandler

TL1055 Telehandler

At a Glance

Rated Load Capacity
10000 lb
Maximum Lift Height
54.9 ft
Engine Model
Cat® C3.6L*
Gross Power - Basic
134 HP
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The TL1055 is precision engineered to handle any task, offering stability, maneuverability, speed and power in any application.

Operating Specifications

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Rated Load Capacity 10000lb
Maximum Lift Height 54.9ft
Maximum Forward Reach 42ft
Top Travel Speed 21mile/h
Capacity at Maximum Reach (o/r Down) 2500lb
Drawbar Pull - Loaded 26510lbf
Capacity at Maximum Height (o/r Down) 5000lb
Frame Leveling 10°
Maximum Lift Height (o/r Down) 54.9ft
Turning Radius - Over Tires 14.1ft
Maximum Rated Load Capacity 10000lb
Operating Weight 31700lb


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Engine Model Cat® C3.6L*
Gross Power - Basic 134HP
Note *Meets U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emission standards.


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Standard 400/75-28 Duraforce Air
Optional 400/75-28 Duraforce Foam; 360/85-28 Telemaster Solid; 14.00-24 16PR Air; 14.00-24 12PR Foam; 400/75-28 Non-Marking Air; 400/75-28 Non-Marking Foam

Service Refill Capacities

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Fuel Tank 38gal (US)
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tank 5.7gal (US)
Hydraulic System 49gal (US)

Hydraulic System

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Pump Type Variable displacement load sensing axial piston pump
Auxiliary Hydraulic Pressure 3307psi
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 25gal/min

Boom Performance

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Boom Up 15s
Boom Down 13s
Tele In 15.3s
Tele Out 19.7s


+ -
Types (1) Trunnion mounted planetary 55-degree steer axles
Types (2) High bias limited slip differential on front axle

Braking System

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Service Brakes Inboard wet disc brakes on front and rear axles
Parking Brakes Wet disc, spring applied hydraulic release on front axle

Transmission Speeds

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Forward 4 Speeds
Reverse 3 Speeds

Optional Work Tool Attachments

+ -
Carriages: Standard Tilt - Option 3 72in
Fork Mounted - Work Platform 1220 mm × 2438 mm (4 ft × 8 ft)
Carriages: Standard Tilt - Option 1 50in
Forks: Pallet - Option 2 60in
Carriages: Side Tilt - Option 1 50in
Truss with Winch - Option 1 3ft
Truss with Winch - Option 2 12ft
Carriages: Dual Hydraulic Fork Positioner - Option 1 50in
Buckets: Multi Purpose 1.3yd³
Carriages: Dual Hydraulic Fork Positioner - Option 2 72in
Forks: Pallet - Option 3 72in
Material Handling Arm Adjustable 2-4 m (Adjustable 6.7-13.2 ft)
Forks: Lumber 60in
Forks: Pallet - Option 1 48in
Carriages: Swing, 100° 72in
Fork Extensions* 90in
Buckets: General Purpose - Option 2 2yd³
Buckets: Grapple 1.7yd³
Carriages: Standard Tilt - Option 2 60in
Fork Mounted - Hook Lifting Hook
Carriages: Side Tilt - Option 2 72in
Truss Booms - Option 2 15ft
Forks: Block/Cubing 48in
Buckets: General Purpose - Option 1 1.3yd³
Note *For use with 1525 mm (60 in) forks or larger
Truss Booms - Option 1 12ft
Carriages: Side Shift 50in
Fork Mounted - Truss Boom Adjustable 2.1-3.6 m (Adjustable 7-12 ft)
Coupler Hydraulic IT Coupler (Includes Auxiliary Electronics)
Fork Mounted - Hopper Trash Hopper


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Operating Weight 31700lb