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623K Wheel Tractor-Scraper

623K Wheel Tractor-Scraper

At a Glance

Flywheel Power - Tractor/Scraper
304 kW (407 hp)
Scraper Capacity - Heaped
23 yd³
Top Speed - Loaded
33.5 mile/h
Height - Overall Shipping
158.9 in
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Quick loading, high travel speeds and the ability to load and dump on the run yield fast cycle times, allowing Cat Wheel Tractor-Scrapers to consistently deliver high productivity at the lowest cost per ton.


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Flywheel Power - Tractor/Scraper 304 kW (407 hp)
Flywheel Power - Tractor 407HP
Rated Engine RPM 2000r/min
Engine Model Cat C13
Note C13 engine emits equivalent to U.S. EPA Tier 2/EU Stage II or U.S. EPA Tier 3/EU Stage III.

Scraper Bowl

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Scraper Capacity - Heaped 23yd³


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Top Speed - Loaded 33.5mile/h


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Height - Overall Shipping 158.9in
Length - Overall Machine 542in
Width - Overall Machine 141.1in
Height - Top of Cab 142.6in
Height - Scraper Blade Maximum 20.5in
Width - Tractor 133.1in
Width - Inside of Bowl 120in
Width - Outside Rear Tires 128.9in
Front of Tractor to Front Axle 122.8in
Wheel Base 329.5in
Rear Axle - Rear of Machine 89.7in
Ground Clearance - Tractor 21.9in
Height - Top of Elevator 148.3in
Width - Overall Machine - Ladder Down 149.2in
Axle to Vertical Hitch Pin 17in
Width - Rear Tire Centers 90.2in

Service Refill Capacities

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Fuel Tank 216.09gal (US)
Crankcase 8.08gal (US)
Cooling System 11.89gal (US)
Hydraulic System 21.926gal (US)
Transmission System 24.76gal (US)


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Exterior Sound Level The exterior sound power level for the standard machine (ISO 6393) is 111.5 dB(A).
ROPS/FOPS Meets ISO standards


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Elevator Flight Spacing 20in
Maximum Floor Opening 4.4ft
Number of Flights 15
Tires - Tractor Drive 33.25R29**E3
180° Curb-to-Curb Turning Width 38.71ft
Fuel Tank Refill Capacity - Scraper 201gal (US)
Maximum Depth of Cut 10.3in
Maximum Depth of Spread 18.3in
Operating Weight - Empty 88061lb
Overall Length 45.18ft
Overall Shipping Height 12.37ft
Overall Width 11.71ft
Rated Load 25 038 kg (55,200 lb); 25.1 tonnes (27.6 tons)
Scraper Capacity - Heaped 23yd³
Scraper Capacity - Struck 18.8yd³
Tires - Scraper 33.25R29**E3
Top Speed - Loaded 33.5mile/h
Width - Cut 10.3ft

Safety Criteria Compliance Standards

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Brakes ISO 3450:2011
Falling Object Protective Structure (FOPS) ISO 3449:2005 Level II
Reverse Alarm ISO 9533:2010
Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) ISO 3471:2008 for up to 17 084 kg (37,664 lb)
Seat Belt SAE J386:JUN1985
Steering System ISO 5010:2007

Travel Speeds - Runout

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Transmission Gear - Eighth 33.5mile/h
Transmission Gear - Fifth 13.6mile/h
Transmission Gear - First 3.1mile/h
Transmission Gear - Fourth 10.1mile/h
Transmission Gear - Reverse 5.7mile/h
Transmission Gear - Second 5.5mile/h
Transmission Gear - Seventh 24.8mile/h
Transmission Gear - Sixth 18.4mile/h
Transmission Gear - Third 7.5mile/h

Implement Cycle Times

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Bowl Lower 3.5s
Bowl Raise 3s
Ejector Extend 6.45s
Ejector Retract 9.7s