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G3516 LE Gas Engine

G3516 LE Gas Engine

At a Glance

Minimum Rating
660 BHP
Maximum Rating
1340 BHP
NSPS Site Compliant Capable
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The line of G3500 engines brings versatility, uptime, and low operating cost to your gas compression operation. They are equipped with ADEM A3 technology that enables highest performance and safety while maintaining low emissions. Ideal applications for G3500 engines include gas lift, gas gathering, and wellhead gas compression. Cat G3516 gas engine. Ratings: 492-1000 bkW (660-1340 bhp) @ 1200-1400 rpm are NSPS site compliant capable with customer-provided air-fuel ratio control and aftertreatment.

Engine Specifications

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Minimum Rating 660BHP
Maximum Rating 1340BHP
Emissions NSPS Site Compliant Capable