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Crusher Automation

Crusher Automation

The Nordberg IC50 is an easy-to-operate crusher automation system for use with Nordberg GP cone crushers. The system optimizes the crushing process control while allowing maximum workload and reducing crusher maintenance costs. Nordberg IC50 is used in Lokotrack LT Series track-mounted crushing plants, Nordberg NW Series portable plants and stationary installations to control GP cone crusher.

Nordberg GP cone general installation including optional items.

The Nordberg IC50 works by monitoring several parameters continuously to ensure maximum performance and trouble free operation. Learn more below for IC50 and crusher SCADA options.

Features and benefits:

  • Local, manual, setting and load control modes
  • Different feed control possibilities: Level (A), Leve l(D), On/Off
  • Safety limit control of the setting, power, pressure and temperature
  • Advanced online diagnostic: alarm, warning messages and I/O-diagnostic ensure rapid elimination of problems
  • Wear compensation: manual calibration, contact calibration and wear compensation ensure convenient way to calibrate crusher
  • Winter mode
  • The various data collection and diagnosing capabilities of the system form management and service tools for improving crushing operations
  • Versatile monitoring

IC50 option for plant automation connection

C50 gateway is a rugged, shock-, water- and dustproof data communication device for unit crusher automation.

IC50 gateway connects Metso Outotec IC50 crusher control system to the crushing plant’s upper level process control system. The datacommunication bus is Ethernet with Modbus/TCP-protocol.

IC50 gateway enables safe monitoring and commanding of data between IC50 and SCADA systems.

Background information

Modbus/TCP is a simple, efficient and common protocol in plant automation systems.
Ethernet is the physical bus, used commonly in plant level communication.

Physical characteristics

Housing provides IP65-class protection from dust and water.
The measures are 296 × 242 × 125 mm (11.65″ x 9.53″ x 4.92″)

Gateway delivery includes IC50 gateway with CAN- and power cables and documentation with modbus mapping addresses.

Customer responsibilities are:

  • Ethernet cabling between IC50 gateway & SCADA
  • SCADA application implementation including Modbus address mapping

Benefits of IC50 gateway link:

  • IC50 data can be read and written safely by another control system
  • Machine control unit made by the machine builder ensures full safety of machine + warranty
  • Integration of tested and complete machine control unit reduces SCADA development work remarkably
  • Crusher control and monitoring operations can be more freely located according to customer needs
  • Less people needed in the quarry by operating all machines from single control room
  • Improved work conditions by operating all machines from control room

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