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New Excavators

New Excavators

Rental Excavators

We have a complete inventory of Cat® hydraulic excavators for rent so you get the machine you need for any earthmoving project, big or small, without the investment expense for new equipment.

Mini-excavators for rent: Cat mini-excavators are efficient and versatile and deliver up to 58 horsepower, for digging depth of 14 feet when used with a long stick.

Small, medium and large excavators for rent: Cat hydraulic excavators provide exceptional power, efficiency and controllability. They’re unmatched in the industry for consistently high performance in construction and agriculture applications.

Mini Excavator Rental

Efficient and versatile, Cat mini excavators deliver up to 58 hp. of net power, providing digging depths of 14 feet when used with a long stick.

Model hp kW lb kg ft-in mm
300.9D 13 9.6 2,060 935 9.9"/5.6" 3,028/1,731
301.7D CR 17.7 17.9 3,810 1,690 12'1"/7'2" 3,842/2,321
302.2D 17.7 - 4,707 - 13'6"/8'2" -
302.7D CR 20.7 15.2 5,886 2,670 15"/16.5" 4,613/2,544
303.5E CR 31.6 23.6 8,139 3,692 17'10"/10'4" 5,030/3,180
304E CR 40 30 8,838 4,009 18'4"/11'3" 5,070/3,430
305.5E CR 44.2 32.9 11,938 5,415 20'3"/12'8" 5,590/3,870
305E CR 40.2 30 11,217 5,088 19'7"/12'1" 5,440/3,670
308E2 CR SB 65 48.5 18,371 8,400 24'9"/15'5" 6,990/4,690

Hydraulic Excavator Rental

For more demanding jobs, a large selection of hydraulic excavator rentals is available from Cleveland Brothers. Units are available with up to 428 hp. of flywheel power, offering greater digging depths, longer reaches, higher breakout force and other working advantages.

Model hp kW lb kg ft-in m
312E L 90 67 29,430 13,350 28'3"/19'10" 8.6/6.0
314E LCR 89 67 32,600 14,800 28'6"/19'6" 8.75/5.9
316E L 113 85 38,801 17,600 30'5"/21'7" 9.2/6.6
318E L 113 85 41,010 18,600 30'5"/21'7" 9.2/6.6
320E L 153 114 48,940 22,200 35'0"/24'10" 10.68/7.58
321D LCR 148 110 53,704 24,360 32'1/22'0" 9.75/6.68
324E L 194 145 64,990 29,479 33'2"/22'4" 10.11/6.81
328D LCR 204 152 76,500 34,700 34'8"/22'8" 10.56/6.92
329E L 232 173 69,958 31,279 35'0"/23'9" 10.68/7.25
336E L 308 230 82,200 37,200 38'5"/26'10" 11.72/8.19
349E L 404 301 109,100 49,500 39'9"/26'10" 12.12/8.18
374D L2 476 355 161,100 73,066 46'8"/31'8" 14.23/9.66

*Most excavators are plumbed for hammers and are equipped with quick couplers.

Wheeled Excavator Rental

Model hp kW lb kg ft-in m
M318D 166 124 44,313 20,100 32'1 9.77/6.36
M322D 165 123 49,604 22,500 34'4"/21'11" 10.49/6.68

Super Long Reach Excavation

Model hp kW lb kg ft-in m
324E L SLR 194 145 63,200 28,700 60'4"/48'2" 18.4/14.7

The 300 series of Cat® hydraulic excavators represent the most comprehensive product line available today. With mini, small, medium, large and ultra-high demolition (UHD) models available, we offer machines for all job sizes. Of course, all hydraulic excavators feature the working advantages Cat products are known for: greater reach, larger capacities, higher breakout force and more.

New Excavators for Sale

Cleveland Brothers is the exclusive source for new Cat® excavators that set the bar for digging depth, reach and lift capacity. Our inventory of construction equipment includes mini, small, medium and heavy-duty excavators. They range from the 13-hp to 524-hp net flywheel power with operating rates topping out at 190,204 pounds.

Why Should You Buy A Cat Excavator

From higher breakout forces to increased swing torque, the new line of excavators manufactured by Caterpillar® delivers optimal working advantages in a variety of applications. Whether you’re a commercial builder, municipal contractor or do-it-yourself home remodeler, Cat excavators deliver the durable construction and components, fuel-efficient ACERT technology and hydraulic horsepower to overcome the toughest challenges.

Highlighted characteristics and features of our complete selection of new excavators include:

Superior operator comfort and convenience

  • Air suspension sets, heated options and auto climate control ensure year-round comfort and productivity
  • Customizable joystick console configurations put the power to more efficiently operate construction equipment at your fingertips
  • High-resolution LCD monitors are programmable in 44 languages and feature rearview camera views for enhanced safety

Eco-friendly power and performance

  • Cat ACERT engines use less fuel and produce greater horsepower than past iterations
  • Excavators are equipped to meet U.S. Tier 4 standards and come available with a biodiesel-ready fuel system on some models
  • Air-to-air aftercoolers offer more efficient combustion with reduced smoke and emissions

Rugged construction and advanced components

  • Reinforced lower and upper frames are built to stand up to the most demanding daily applications
  • Front linkage booms and sticks are built with internal baffle plates to withstand high stress and provide long service life
  • Enhanced shoe bolts, precision-forged carrier rollers and press-fit pin master joints ensure undercarriage durability in diverse work environments

Contact Your Local Source of Cat Construction Equipment Today

We offer a complete inventory of new Cat excavators along with cost-effective used and rental solutions. For additional information on construction equipment, parts, services and attachments, give us a call, get in touch online or drop by the Cleveland Brothers location nearest you.