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Prime Power Diesel Generators

Prime Power Diesel Generators

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Prime Power Generators

Continuous, accessible power is essential to the success of your operation, whether you are powering a factory or providing utility to a remote community. When you need reliable, efficient and flexible power, prime power generators are the answer.

Cleveland Brothers is a trusted source of Cat® prime power generators across Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Northern Maryland. We respond to the diverse needs of our clients by supplying cost-effective, reliable on-site power systems and commercial generators with options specifically suited to each application.

Prime and Continuous Power Sources

Whether you lack the available utility service or are dealing with inflated rates that are killing your bottom line, prime power generators are a practical alternative. Choosing a prime power generator is a low-cost solution that features fast start-up and installation, straightforward service, and reduced upkeep and operating costs. Having your own prime power means fewer outages that could impact your workflow and productivity, giving you total control over the quality and availability of electrical power. Our Cat generators can provide you with the control that you need.

A Practical Alternative

With high part-load efficiency, start-stop flexibility with switchgears and good load-following characteristics, engine-generator sets from trusted power generation companies like CAT® are well-suited to daily facility loads. They are a practical source of prime or continuous power generation:

  • Where utility service is unavailable or costly to install
  • Where utility rates are high
  • Where frequent or prolonged outages are a concern
  • Where complete control of power quality and reliability is essential

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