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Glider Kits

Glider Kits

Getting the truck you want is simple

Cleveland Brothers Full Truck Service is your Total Glider Kit Solutions Provider.

If you’ve ever wanted a truck tailored to your needs but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding all of the parts, getting quotes and building an engine, now is your chance to have it hassle-free. Opting for a glider kit truck gives you the best combination of top makes and models as well as the flexibility in how you spec your truck. There’s no better way to get the exact truck you want — and customize it for your needs.

With your guidance, we can take care of the whole project and you’ll only receive one quote! When you team up with Cleveland Brothers, we offer you a wide range of choices for a truly custom glider kit truck. We will provide you with everything you need for the ultimate glider kit truck perfectly adapted for your hauling:

  • We will source all of the components such as wiring harnesses, fluid reservoirs, and tubing.
  • We will provide a complete engine, fan to flywheel, backed by the best coverage in the industry.
  • We will coordinate body installation with a local manufacturer of your choice for dumps, mixers, water tanks, etc.
  • We will assemble a turn-key truck, built from experience, for just one quote.

It’s easy to see why more and more businesses are choosing a glider kit truck and having us build it for them. When simply doesn’t fit your needs, we can work with you to build one that does. Cleveland Brothers takes the time and effort to understand what you’re looking for, and provides the custom glider kit solution for your business. To learn more about custom glider kits, download our Glider Kits Brochure.

glider-chasisStep 1 – Choose Your Favorite Chasis Model

Choosing your chassis is the first step in creating your glider kit truck. You want to start with the chassis that meets your requirements in terms of performance, size, comfort and safety. For many customers, the look of the chassis model is also important — it helps convey the right brand image.

We’ll connect you with experienced manufacturer representatives from any brand — Peterbilt, Freightliner, Kenworth and Western Star — to make ordering the brand and style chassis you want easy. Your chassis can be delivered directly to any one of our Cleveland Brothers full truck service locations to make assembly quick and uncomplicated.

glider-power-plantStep 2 – Choose a powerplant

With Cleveland Brothers glider kit service, you can choose the engine you want and eliminate unwanted maintenance costs. Select from one of our in-house rebuilt engines with a 4-year/unlimited mileage coverage or a Cat® Reman Engine. If we don’t have the one you want, our expert technicians can build one from the block up, allowing you to have the perfect engine suited to your chassis.

Many customers have found newer engines to be costly to maintain, and even more costly to overhaul. With our glider kit service, you can choose the engine you want and eliminate unwanted maintenance costs. If you want the lowest lifetime owning and operating costs in the industry, our glider kit solutions are for you.

glider-transmissionStep 3: Choose an automatic or manual transmission

Whether it’s a CAT, Eaton or Allison transmission, we can help you determine the best option for your powertrain.

Couple your transmission to a custom fabricated, balanced, and smoothed driveshaft to put the horsepower to the road.

These modern transmissions can help give you a real fuel economy advantage, especially over long hauls. We can suggest excellent, economical options that give you the best mix of performance, reliability and fuel savings.

glider-accesoriesStep 4: Choose your accessories

We will assemble the cleanest looking engine bay you’ve ever seen with hose and wire tucking and easy-to-access grease points and filter. All come standard.

You can choose to stay true to OEM if you just need your engine to work hard or add stainless steel, polished aluminum or custom painted tubing if you want to show it off. These trucks may be made for hauling and working, but that doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate a clean, attractive look to the engine bay components and layout.

A standard full 5″ turbo back exhaust is included to optimize performance over some OEM’s 4″ exhaust.

glider-assemblyStep 5: Assembly

Cleveland Brothers will assemble your custom truck the way you want it.

We take pride in our skilled technicians and quality craftsmanship, so you can rest assured we will deliver a truck that will not disappoint. Our reputation rides around with you everywhere you go — which is why we build all of our glider kit trucks as if we will be driving them ourselves! We’re not happy until you’re satisfied with the final product.

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