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Land Mechanical Engines Service

Land Mechanical Engines Service

When you need powerful equipment to easily solve your toughest oil rigging and drilling site issues, choose Caterpillar® land mechanical engines from Cleveland Brothers. Cat equipment has set the standard throughout drilling operations for several decades due to their dependability, high performance and reliability in any type of oilfield.

At Cleveland Brothers, we pride ourselves on offering the most diverse selection of Cat equipment and machinery for oil and gas operations throughout Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. We understand the complexities and challenges of oil and gas drilling operations, which is why we offer several land mechanical drilling engines suitable for any type of work site. With our equipment, you can achieve more in less time.

Several Land Mechanical Engines Available at Cleveland Brothers

Caterpillar’s land mechanical engines are the driving force behind every successful oil and gas operation around the world. Specially crafted and intricately manufactured, Cat mechanical drilling engines have demonstrated proven durability and dependability for years. With a range of different operating capacities, the land mechanical engines available can give you just the right power for every application on your job site. Plus, they’re easy to maintain and allow you to keep your business operating costs low and manageable.

Our Cat land mechanical engines offer a range of different power options for everything from direct-drive equipment to mud pumps or supplying power for your entire drilling site.

Reasons to Choose Caterpillar Land Mechanical Engines

What makes Caterpillar the most trusted leading brand of oil and gas drilling equipment? It’s their constant dedication to developing and manufacturing only the finest and most efficient equipment. With all our land mechanical drilling engines at Cleveland Brothers, you’ll benefit from high performance, dependable and heavy-duty land mechanical engines that will meet your specific site needs and long-term expectations.

By choosing Caterpillar land mechanical engines for your drilling site, you’ll also benefit from:

  • Exceptional product design: The Cat land mechanical engines are specifically designed to handle the intense needs of oil and gas applications, offering lasting durability, cost-efficient operations and functionality in any type of environment, including high-ambient and high-altitude locations.
  • Easy installation: Every land mechanical engine features an inner and outer base mounting setup to simplify rig integration.
  • Superior engine control: Our land mechanical drilling engines have an easy-to-use push button instrument panel, air shutoff and explosion relief valve, as well as extra alarms and inputs for safety and versatile use.
  • Customizable packaging options: Let your equipment fit your needs — don’t adapt to fit the quality of your machines. Cat land mechanical engines can be customized to your site needs with specific packages including engines, controls and more.
  • Extensive engine testing: To ensure every product meets the demanding needs of your site, all our Cat generators are thoroughly tested to ensure performance.

Reach Out to Cleveland Brothers Today to Learn More About Our Land Mechanical Engines

When you rely on the quality Caterpillar land mechanical engines at Cleveland Brothers, you’re guaranteed heavy-duty, reliable equipment that will perform efficiently and effectively throughout the duration of your most demanding jobs. To learn more about our land mechanical drilling engines or other Cat equipment, fill out our online form or call us today at 866-551-4602 to speak to a team member.

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