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Transmissions Service

Transmissions Service

It takes a lot of heavy-duty, dependable equipment to properly extract oil and gas from the ground. To successfully run an oil and gas production rig, your best and most trusted machinery depends on the power driving it forward — having a hard-working, high-performance transmission is as crucial to your equipment’s results as its engine. When you need the finest and most reliable oil and gas transmissions available, you can’t do better than the selection of Caterpillar® transmissions available at Cleveland Brothers. Cat is the leading manufacturer of equipment, parts and machinery for the oil and gas industry, known for their exceptional quality, high-powered operations and ease of use.

At Cleveland Brothers, we’re the premier Caterpillar gas transmission supply company working with businesses throughout Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. Our team of knowledgeable, skilled experts have decades of practical experience working with professionals in the oil and gas industry. We understand your unique operating specifications and performance expectations and can recommend quality oil and gas transmissions to meet or exceed your job site requirements and budget needs. With our Caterpillar gas transmissions, you can easily and efficiently complete even the most demanding oil and gas projects.

A Variety of Uses for Caterpillar Gas Transmissions for Oil and Gas Sites

With our wide selection of Caterpillar gas transmissions, we guarantee you’ll maximize your operations, reduce worksite costs and improve your rigs’ efficiency. At Cleveland Brothers, we offer several different oil and gas transmission models and capacities to suit any type of site needs that can be used with a wide range of different engines in the well service industry.

Ideal uses for our Caterpillar gas transmissions are:

  • Pressure pumping
  • Kill mud pumps
  • Coil tubing pump support
  • Workover rigs
  • Nitrogen units
  • Acidifying units
  • Blenders and cementing units

Cleveland Brothers — Your Local Source for Quality Caterpillar Gas Transmissions

At Cleveland Brothers, our inventory of oil and gas transmissions deliver proven performance for all our customers for all types of heavy-duty oil and gas applications. All our Cat transmissions are built to meet the most rigorous quality and industry standards to exceed your operational needs. Our gas transmissions are built using the highest quality materials, improved manufacturing techniques, advanced heat treatment processes, surfaced treatments and special coating applications to guarantee lasting performance lifespans and exceptional results.

With Cat’s gas transmissions, you can also expect:

  • More power achieved with fewer trailers
  • Improved job site safety with several built-in safety features
  • Equipment customized to meet your operation’s specific daily and long-term needs

Contact Cleveland Brothers Today to Learn More

For the most dependable and effective heavy duty Caterpillar gas transmission to buy throughout Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, look no further than the inventory available only at Cleveland Brothers. We offer the largest selection of oil and gas transmissions available in several models to accommodate any project size or specifications. Learn more about our Cat transmissions today by filling out our online contact form or calling 866-551-4602 to speak to a team member.

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