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Well Service Pumps

Well Service Pumps

Cat® pumps are an ideal complement to the company’s well service engines and transmissions. Like all Cat equipment, you can count on them to deliver reliable performance in the harshest environments. As a result, Cat well service pumps are an ideal choice for oil and gas applications where maintaining uptime is critical.

Cleveland Brothers sells and services Cat well pumps for clients throughout Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia. Let us match you with the best model for your needs.

Key Models and Features

The Cat well service pump lineup includes three core models, which are customizable with a variety of optional equipment and attachments:

  • The WS255, rated for 1864 bkW (2500 bhp) maximum power input at 330 rpm
  • The WS273XD, rated for 2014 bkW (2700 bhp) at 275 rpm
  • The WS305XD, rated for 2237 bkW (3000 bhp) at 275 rpm

All models feature a valve-over-valve design that simplifies installation. Cat well service pumps are compatible with the full line of 1502 discharge flanges, and they’re available in grooved and grooveless valve stop configurations. Contact Cleveland Brothers directly for detailed specifications and more information about options and potential applications.

Why Cat?

Cat well service pumps offer the performance and reliability you need to get the job done. Here are just a few of the many reasons you should consider Cat:

  • Single-source confidence: Cat completes all well pump design and manufacturing in-house, ensuring a high level of quality control on all products.
  • Quality materials and processes: To ensure performance and longevity, Cat uses advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, including proprietary heat and surface treatment processes.
  • Exclusive dealer support: The worldwide network of Cat dealers — including Pennsylvania’s own Cleveland Brothers — provides service, parts, preventative maintenance and other support that can keep you running your best, no matter where your work takes you.
  • Turnkey engineering solutions: Cat pumps work with the company’s OEM engines and transmissions, making them an essential part of an integrated equipment solution for a range of oil and gas applications.

Featuring the Pump Electronic Monitoring System (PEMS)

Cat well stimulation pumps feature the company’s Pump Electronic Monitoring System (PEMS), a sophisticated tool that will help you make more informed maintenance decisions and keep downtime to a minimum. PEMS provides real-time data analysis to automatically detect cavitations, leaks and other failure modes before they happen. When it detects a possible issue, the system immediately notifies the operator, allowing them to take corrective action and avoid a catastrophic failure.

By ensuring well service pumps are running their best at all times, PEMS reduces wear on fluid and power end components, extending their life and delivering more overall value for your purchasing dollar. Best of all, Cat designed the system to be built upon, allowing you to incorporate future monitoring and sensing technologies as they become available.

Contact Cleveland Brothers for More Information

Since 1948, Cleveland Brothers has been a partner to the oil and gas industry in Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and beyond. We offer expert advice as well as the full lineup of new Cat well stimulation pumps and other equipment. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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