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2014 311F RR Hydraulic Excavator

311F RR Hydraulic Excavator

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Engine Model
Cat® C3.4B
Engine Model
Cat® C3.4B
Flywheel Power
70.0 hp
Flywheel Power
70 mm H2O
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The Cat 311F RR delivers fuel savings and performance – two attributes you need to be successful in your business.

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Engine Model Cat® C3.4B
Engine Model Cat® C3.4B
Flywheel Power 70.0hp
Flywheel Power 70mm H2O
Bore 3.9in
Bore 3.9in
Stroke 4.33in
Stroke 4.33in
Displacement 207.0in3
Displacement 207in³
Gross Power - SAE J1995 74.0hp
Net Power - SAE J1349 70.0hp
Gross Power - SAE J1995 74mm H2O
Net Power - SAE J1349 70mm H2O


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Operating Weight 30600.0lb
Operating Weight 30600lb
Maximum Operating Weight 30600.0lb
Minimum Operating Weight 27300lb
Maximum Operating Weight 30600lb


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Maximum Drawbar Pull 25700.0lb
Maximum Drawbar Pull 25700lb
Maximum Travel Speed 3.4mph
Maximum Travel Speed - High 3.4mph
Maximum Travel Speed - Low 2.2mph
Maximum Travel Speed 3.4mile/h
Maximum Travel Speed - High 3.4mile/h
Maximum Travel Speed - Low 2.2mile/h

Hydraulic System

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Maximum Pressure - Travel 5076.0psi
Maximum Pressure - Travel 5076psi
Maximum Pressure - Swing 3336.0psi
Maximum Pressure - Swing 3336psi
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure 598.0psi
Pilot System - Maximum Pressure 598psi
Boom Cylinder - Bore 4.0in
Boom Cylinder - Bore 4in
Boom Cylinder - Stroke 39.0in
Boom Cylinder - Stroke 39in
Stick Cylinder - Bore 4.0in
Stick Cylinder - Bore 4in
Stick Cylinder - Stroke 47.0in
Stick Cylinder - Stroke 47in
Bucket Cylinder - Bore 4in
Bucket Cylinder - Stroke 37in
Main System - Maximum Flow (Total) 125 × 2 L/min (33 × 2 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure - Equipment 4424.0psi
Pilot System - Maximum Flow 21.9 L/min (1,336 in3/min)
Main System - Maximum Flow - Total 125 × 2 L/min (33 × 2 gal/min)
Maximum Pressure - Equipment 4424psi

Service Refill Capacities

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Cooling System 4.76gal
Cooling System 4.76gal (US)
Swing Drive (each) 0.79gal
Swing Drive - Each 0.79gal (US)
Final Drive (each) 0.79gal
Final Drive - Each 0.79gal (US)
Hydraulic System (including tank) 42.3gal
Hydraulic System - Including Tank 42.3gal (US)
Hydraulic Tank 25.1gal
Hydraulic Tank 25.1gal (US)
Engine Oil (with filter) 2.1gal
Fuel Tank Capacity 55.48gal
Engine Oil - With Filter 2.1gal (US)
Fuel Tank Capacity 55.48gal (US)


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ISO 6395 - Spectator Noise 99.0dB(A)
ISO 6396 - Operator Noise (Closed) 72.0dB(A)
ISO 6395 - Spectator Noise 99dB(A)
ISO 6396 - Operator Noise (Closed) 72dB(A)


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Number of Carrier Rollers (each side) 1 piece
Number of Shoes (each side) 43 pieces
Number of Track Rollers (each side) 6 pieces
Number of Carrier Rollers - Each Side 1 piece
Number of Shoes - Each Side 43 pieces
Number of Track Rollers - Each Side 6 pieces


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Swing Speed 10.0RPM
Swing Torque 22791.0lb ft
Swing Speed 10r/min
Swing Torque 22791ft-lb
*This estimate is for the base rental charge only. Other fees and charges may apply and will be calculated at the time of rental. Does not include delivery fees.
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