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Pipelayer Rentals

Cat® pipelayer machines enable the pipeline industry to install complex systems with better efficiency than ever before. At Cleveland Brothers, we rent late-model and low-hour models for optimal productivity. Our technicians inspect and maintain each of our pipelayer rentals to ensure your satisfaction. Browse industry-leading pipelayers and learn more about Cat rentals from Cleveland Brothers.

Advantages of Pipelayer Rentals From Caterpillar®

Caterpillar designs pipelayers that prioritize the needs of the pipeline industry. The benefits of Cat pipelayers include:

Integrated and Robust Components

The engineers at Caterpillar® ensure that all parts of their pipelayers work together seamlessly to increase performance. Learn more about each component of a Cat pipelayer:

  • Winches: Cat pipelayer winches use advanced hydraulics to improve productivity. Select models use independent hydraulic winches to operate the boom and hook draw.
  • Counterweight: Newer Cat pipelayers include added counterweight to improve lift capacity. A hydraulic extension enhances load balance and clearance.
  • Boom: A high tensile strength steel construction allows for more compact booms that retain durability. As a result, the operator has better visibility while laying pipes.
  • Blocks and hook: Modern pipelayers from Caterpillar have updated block set profiles to maximize boom usage and improve visibility. Some models include bolt-on block horns for block set storage during transport.
  • Drawbar: The drawbar on a Cat pipelayer can tow a wide variety of attachments to suit different specifications.

Reliable Engine Performance

Engines from Caterpillar offer some of the best performance in the industry. They have dependable designs built for top-quality results and lower fuel consumption.

Operator Comfort

A comfortable operator can perform their job more efficiently and safely. Cat pipelayers include operator comfort features such as pressurized cabs, improved visibility and ergonomic operation.

Ergonomic and Precise Controls

Pipelayer controls from Caterpillar use advanced features such as dual brake pedal controls to improve the operating experience. Ergonomic and effective controls improve pipe laying controls and steering maneuverability.


Every new iteration of a Cat pipelayer includes advanced safety features for operators and people in the surrounding area. Many Cat pipelayers have Roll Over Protection Structures (ROPS) that protect operators in open and closed cabs.


To keep your equipment on the job longer, Caterpillar engineers ensure they make maintenance simple. Cat pipelayers have easy-to-access parts and diagnostics for efficient repairs and service.

Reasons to Rent Equipment From Cleveland Brothers

Our clients rent pipelayers and other types of Cat equipment to achieve goals such as:

  • Renting to buy: Some clients choose to rent equipment before they buy the same model. Our rental purchase options empower you to try a pipelayer before you purchase it.
  • Managing costs: Rental equipment can save costs in a variety of situations. It saves money on storage, repairs and maintenance that you can dedicate to the rest of your fleet.
  • Improving efficiency: Our late-model rentals feature the industry's latest pipelaying features. You can rent one of our pipelayers to use its cutting-edge technology during an important project.

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