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Ground Heaters

Ground heater rentals in PA from One Call Rentals provide an easy solution to cold weather construction issues while remaining economical and easy to use. These machines allow winter projects to be finished and delivered on time by keeping crews and equipment functional through the entire season. We also offer ground heater rentals in Pittsburgh.

Rental Chillers

Cleveland Brothers has CAT Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Chiller rentals available for numerous jobs. From process cooling to structure and tent cooling, our chiller rental department offers you another option for any of your temperature control needs. While Air-Cooled units get the job done for short rentals, our Water-Cooled units are an excellent and efficient product for long term rentals. Our Rental Representatives are highly trained to spec the right equipment for your job. 24 / 7 / 365 emergency service is always available for those unexpected occasions.

  • 20 – 500 Ton Air Cooled
  • 525 Ton Water Cooled
  • Click here to see the full CAT® Chiller Specifications

Chiller Accessories

  • Pumps
  • Hose
  • Tanks
  • Air Handlers

Industries and Applications

  • General Construction
    • Concrete cooling
    • Comfort cooling for remodeling and reconstruction
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Plants
    • Process cooling
    • Supplemental cooling tower
    • Jacketed reactor cooling
    • Condenser cooling
    • Lubrication oil cooling
    • Waste water treatment
  • Mechanical Contractors
    • Emergency cooling
    • Temporary cooling during planned maintenance
  • Events
    • Ice skating rinks
    • Large tent or structure cooling

Rental Dehumidifiers

Anytime moisture becomes an issue in your facility or on your jobsite, we’ve got the right equipment to dry up dilemmas quickly. Dry air can be important in manufacturing processes, building construction and remodeling. Leave it to Cleveland Brothers to have an industrial dehumidifier rental 24 / 7 / 365 whether it’s an emergency or a planned rent job.

  • 1000 – 5000 CFM

Rental Air Conditioners

Cleveland Brothers has an extensive selection of industrial air conditioners to meet all of your environment cooling needs. Our 1 ton electric spot coolers are perfect for smaller enclosed spaces all the way up to our 90 ton units that offer cooling for large event centers and tents. With 24 / 7 / 365 emergency service available, we’ll have the equipment you need.


  • Spiral and Lay-Flat Ducting
  • Wyes
  • Air Diffusers

Industries and Applications

  • General Construction
    • Structure and tent cooling
    • Remove moisture in new drywall
    • Concrete curing
    • Emergency cooling during repairs
    • Fresh air supply for confined spaces
    • Large motor cooling

Rental Heaters

Cleveland Brothers has direct-fired heater rentals for heating well ventilated areas as well as indirect-fired heaters for heat in stagnant spaces requiring constant fresh air. 24 / 7 / 365 emergency service is available.

Heater Types

  • Indirect-fired diesel
  • Flameless heaters
  • Direct-fired LPG and NG
  • Up to 1 Million BTUs at 6000 CFM

Industries and Applications

  • General Construction
    • Temporary heat during construction or renovation
    • Winter concrete curing
    • Material handling
    • Pre-heating of equipment
    • Winter painting
  • Mechanical Contractors
    • Portable heat during boiler replacement
  • Restoration Contractors
    • Emergency power for drying equipment
    • Temporary heat for buildings under repair
  • Oil & Gas
    • Oil field maintenance
    • Pipeline construction and maintenance
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
    • Emergency facility heat
    • Pre-heating equipment

* We also rent most equipment in our used inventory.

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  • E1100

    Field Hose Length
    Thaw Area
    3300.0sq ft
    Cure Capacity
    6600.0sq ft
    Fuel Tank Capacity
  • E3000

    Input Rating
    360000 btu
    Field Hose Length
    Thaw Area
    6000sq ft
    Thaw Depth

Temperature Control Equipment Rental

Over the last 60 years, Cleveland Brothers has been earning a proud reputation for helping hardworking businesses access top-quality construction equipment capable of making progress possible.

As a comprehensive source of construction equipment rentals for Pennsylvania, Northern West Virginia and Western Maryland, we offer a complete range of temperature control products available on demand. Our inventory includes everything from ground heater rentals with 1,000-square-foot to 3,500-square-foot area ratings to 20 to 500-ton air-cooled chillers.