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Front Axle (awd)

Used Front Axle (AWD) Parts

All-wheel drive (AWD) equipment sends power to the front axle calling for a more complex design and additional parts than a traditional 2-wheel-drive vehicle. To ensure your machines continue to provide the benefits of improved handling and increased acceleration and stability, it's crucial to use OEM-quality products for maintenance and repairs.

If you're in the market for used front axle parts that fit your models and deliver excellent strength and durability, Cleveland Brothers offers an impressive selection of options in stock.

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Our Extensive Inventory of Front Axle Replacement Parts

When you have a need for a replacement part for a front axle, purchasing used from a reliable source is a cost-effective way to acquire the quality products you require. As the authorized Cat® dealer for Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, we are home to one of the broadest selections of parts and components manufactured by the worldwide construction equipment leader. Cleveland Brothers also provides access to an array of reliable pre-owned products for machines made by other leading brands.

Our inventory of front axle (AWD) replacement parts includes everything from assemblies, oil pans and wheel axles to bushings, grommets, spacers, seals and shafts. Whether you need a valve assembly to get a wheel loader back on the road or elbows, angles and liners for an axle repair on an off-highway truck, we have you covered. All of our used front axle parts are tested to ensure strength and durability over extended service life.

Make the Right Choice for Your Bottom Line

We've built a proud industry reputation by going the extra mile to help our customers grow and succeed for over 60 years. Our experienced team will assist in analyzing your needs to identify the most economical solutions. You'll always receive prompt attention and the quickest possible turnaround to maximize uptime and productivity.

Additional reasons to choose us for front axle replacement parts include:

  • Expert guidance determining if you require a new or used solution
  • Unmatched product knowledge and technical expertize
  • Massive selection in stock and ready for fast distribution

Ordering Used Front Axle Parts From Cleveland Brothers

When you have planned maintenance or an emergency repair, there's no time to waste searching for the items you need to get your vehicles back on the road.

Cleveland Brothers provides convenient online shopping as well as 10 strategically placed sales locations serving PA, northern WV and the surrounding regions. With dozens of used parts drop boxes and a distribution network of 28 branches throughout our territory, the products you need are always close at hand.

As a Caterpillar® Dealers Used Parts Association (CDUPA) member, you can rest assured you'll receive a product certified for quality and backed by excellent customer service and support.

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Utilizing used parts as part of your maintenance and repair program is a smart strategy for lowering expenses and improving profitability. Contact us for more information and assistance in placing an order for front axle replacement parts.