Cat® Steel Undercarriages

Steel Undercarriages That Deliver Optimal Durability

Our Cat Steel Undercarriages are crafted from ultra-durable components to ensure your machines stay up and running for years to come. Replace your undercarriage today to save money on operating costs, eliminate costly downtime, improve workplace safety, and so much more!

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heavy duty or abrasion steel undercarriages

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General Duty Steel Undercarriage.

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    Undercarriage Selection Matters

    Not sure which undercarriage is the right fit? One of the most important factors in helping you achieve the lowest owning an operating costs and maximizing equipment uptime is matching the right undercarriage option to your specific machine model and work applications. Check out these breakdowns below.

    General Duty Undercarriages

    • This type of undercarriage is recommended for low-to-moderate impact projects.
    • While built to different specifications, our General Duty and Heavy Duty options have interchangeable components, allowing for increased flexibility and cost-savings.
    • There is a large variety of track shoe options available for different applications.

    Heavy Duty Steel Undercarriages

    • This type of undercarriage is recommended for medium-to-high impact projects.
    • Heavy Duty Steel undercarriages are great for construction, pipe laying, demolition, scrap handling, and forestry applications.
    • Our Grease Lubricated Track (GLT) technology ensures that every track joint is sealed, effectively retaining the grease between the pin and bushing to minimize internal wear-and-tear.

    Equipment Types

    Medium Track-Type Tractors & Loaders

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    Large Track-Type Tractors & Loaders

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    Hydraulic Excavators

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    How To Spot Excessive Wear in Undercarriages

    By staying vigilant and regularly examining your equipment, you can spot potential issues early and take proactive measures to avoid costly repairs down the line. Here are three key indicators to watch for when assessing the condition of your steel undercarriages.

    Inspect Track Tension and Sag

    Regularly examine the track tension and sag to identify signs of excessive wear. Excessive sagging or overtightening can both be indicators of potential undercarriage issues.

    Check for Uneven Wear Patterns

    Pay close attention to any uneven wear patterns on the track shoes and links. Irregular or asymmetrical wear can suggest misalignment or other underlying problems.

    Monitor for Abnormal Noises and Vibrations

    Keep an ear out for any unusual noises or vibrations during operation. Excessive vibration or strange sounds may signal that components are not functioning correctly.

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