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10 Reasons to Buy a Cat® 302.7D CR Mini Excavator – Think Big. Buy Small.

By: Danielle
November 10, 2015

10 Reasons to Buy a Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator

Do you want a mini excavator that makes your day easier and more productive?

That’s what you get when you rent or own a Cat® 302.7D CR mini excavator. This compact excavator demonstrates the versatility you need for landscaping, construction, and utility. And it only weighs 3 tons! With Caterpillar equipment, you can expect the latest technology and features designed specifically for operator efficiency and comfort.


Top 10 Reason to Buy a Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator:

1. Compact Radius Design

The zero tail swing design can be enhanced with a counterweight that increases the machine’s lifting capability with only a 3 inch addition to the overhang. The 262 lb.counterweight is an ideal option when heavy hydro mechanical tools are being used. The Cat 302.7D mini excavator is the only one to offer a counterweight option to provide additional lift and support for work tool variability.

Cat® 302 7D CR Mini Excavator Compact Radius Design

2. Dozer Blade Float Function

On the 302.7D CR, the dozer blade float functionality is installed as STANDARD, which only Cat offers. With blade float, the operator can drag the blade backwards and the blade will “float” along the contour of the ground with only the weight of the blade bearing down. This will shorten the time required to smooth dirt after grading or backfilling holes.

Cat® 302 7D CR Mini Excavator Dozer Float Design

3. Front Window System

The Cat front window system offers superior visibility and efficient storage. The lower front window slides into the upper section of the frame, allowing both sections to be raised and stored in the roof. In comparison, the lower glass on a competitive model is fixed into the frame, limiting operator visibility and cab ventilation.

Cat® 302 7D CR Mini Excavator Front Window Design

4. Auxiliary Flow Adjustment

The proportional auxiliary hydraulics include adjustable hydraulic flow for even greater tool control. By simply turning a dial located on the right hand console, the operator can increase or decrease the hydraulic flow going to a work tool. This functionality is especially useful with tools such as angling buckets and is only offered by Cat.

Cat® 302 7D CR Mini Excavator Adjustable Aux Flow

5. Travel Controls

Travel bars and pedals are positioned to provide efficient operation and a spacious floor. The foot pedals make moving around the job site easy and effortless and are ideal for traveling over longer distances or when you wish to operate the front linkage at the same time. Other manufacturers do not offer foot travel bars, which means you are unable to operate travel and the front linkage simultaneously.

Cat® 302 7D CR Mini Excavator Pilot Controls

6. Efficiency

Auto engine idle saves a tremendous amount of fuel for the owner. This function, only offered by Cat, engages automatically after several seconds of inactivity. The machine will continue to run at the lowest engine setting resulting in a much quieter and fuel efficient machine without having to manually adjust the engine RPMs until the implements are reengaged.

Cat® 302 7D CR Mini Excavator Auto Idle Option

7. Operator Comfort

The ergonomic control layout and adjustable wrist rests are engineered to minimize operator fatigue and increase productivity. The wrist rests may be easily customized by simply pulling the knob in the direction of the operator and moving the wrist rest up or down to the desired position. Most competitive wrist rests require unscrewing several bolts and selecting between two alternate positions.

Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator - Operator Comfort

8. Productivity

Want to complete your task quickly? Performance and productivity are important factors for consideration. Through a rigorous productivity study, the Cat 302.7D CR proves to be 16% more productive than the competition when trenching.
Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator - Productivity

9. Service Access

The side lifting hood allows for simple maintenance on the Cat 302.7D. Access to filters and main control valves allow you to perform regular maintenance. This helps keep your machine running at optimal efficiency, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. To compare, the engine and service points on the competitive model are limited and difficult to access.

Cat 302.7D CR Mini Excavator - Serviceability

10. Dealer Support

Cleveland Brothers will be there for the life of your equipment, bringing you the tools, technologies, service and know-how to keep your machine productive and make it pay. So when you’re looking for a complete and capable parts and service provider, or you’re making the decision to buy, rent, repair, rebuild or sell a machine for your business, talk to the experts at Cleveland Brothers.

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