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Cat® Hoses – Quality, Safe & Reliable. Made Just for You.

By: Erika
September 18, 2019

What makes Cat® hoses the best in the industry? Caterpillar is the leader in designing and manufacturing original hoses and couplings, providing prompt service and high-quality solutions to deliver maximized uptime to mixed fleet operators. Our products are built better to last longer.

So, why should you choose Cat hoses? When it comes to hydraulics, you want the safest and most reliable components on your machine. That’s why Cleveland Brothers offers superior hose solutions from Caterpillar. We can build any hose for any customer to fit your specific needs.

Cat Hoses5 Reasons You Should Choose Cat Hose Assemblies with Cleveland Brothers:

  • Unrivaled Expertise
    • A Company You Can Count On – When operating your Cat equipment or another brand, dependability is key. You can count on us for all of your hydraulic hose needs.
  • Rugged Design
    • A Unique System Approach – Cat hose assembly products and tooling are designed to work together as a coordinated system. This ensures a reliable connection that optimizes safety and dependability.
  • Meticulous Manufacturing
    • Hose Assemblies Built to Exact OEM Specifications – Our hydraulic hose assembly solutions are built to same-as-new specifications for Cat equipment. This means every new hose assembly perfectly matches the factory-installed version it is replacing.
  • Rigorous Testing
    • The Best in the Industry – Our hoses are subjected to the most rigorous testing processes in the industry, guaranteeing safety and consistency.
  • Unmatched Support
    • The Key to Maintaining Machine Productivity – We are here for you when you need us most. Our trained technicians will help to get you back up and running in no time.

The experts at Cleveland Brothers can make a hose for you fast and right the first time, keeping to our promise of 30 minutes or less or else you get a free Cat hat! In addition, we have mobile hose capabilities to support the customer where they need it, when they need it. We’ve been setting the standard for over 70 years throughout our 26 locations across Pennsylvania, northern West Virginia and western Maryland.

Contact a representative today at 1-844-569-9651 to find out how our Cat hoses can help you get the job done!


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