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Bridgeville – SITECH Allegheny

Bridgeville – SITECH Allegheny


200 Bursca Dr #205
Bridgeville, PA 15017

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  • Construction Technology
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Construction Technology Services in Bridgeville

SITECH offers an array of construction technology products and services across Pennsylvania, western Maryland and northern West Virginia areas. We partner with many industries to provide comprehensive support and an exceptional line of durable grade control systems to get the most out of your heavy equipment fleet.

Our goal is to provide solutions to meet the industry’s toughest challenges, while lowering operating costs and increasing efficiency, accuracy and safety. As a partner with Cleveland Brothers, our Bridgeville location is staffed by construction experts experienced with the latest innovative technology.

SITECH Products

In today’s competitive work environment, maximizing the efficiency of your equipment and staff is critical. One way to accomplish this is by adding technology-enhanced grade-control systems.

SITECH carries a durable and versatile line of grade-control systems manufactured by Trimble®, an industry leader in software development. Trimble systems allows us to assist with numerous tasks through a wide range of site requirements.

This product line includes:

  • Software solutions: Trimble Connected Office software enables contractors to create 3D renderings, prepare and sync data, monitor productivity of a worksite and perform asset management—all in one easy-to-use solution that fosters seamless communication across the organization.
  • Machine control systems: Together, Trimble and Caterpillar® have developed the industry’s most extensive and advanced line of GPS machine control and guidance systems. Equip your entire heavy equipment fleet—including compactors, excavators, pavers, dozers and more—with innovative and upgradable GPS technology.
  • Site-positioning systems: For the most accurate positioning and communication systems in the industry, turn to Trimble Site Positioning Systems, which offer a solution for every worker on-site. Maximize productivity and make smarter decisions by easily tracking and recording information from multiple jobsites.
  • Paving control systems: When building or resurfacing roads, you need the highest possible precision and the least amount of waste and downtime. Trimble GPS paving control systems allow you to do just that with the latest in control technology.


In addition to providing innovative solutions, we also offer in-house service and on-site installation, quick turnaround times, extended warranty options and training services to efficiently solve the biggest challenges at your jobsite.

Contact Us for Construction Technology Products, Services and Support

Maximize productivity and ROI, improve workflow and boost employee morale, by turning to SITECH and our extensive construction technology services. No matter your business size or unique needs, our skilled technicians work to find your ideal solution.

Contact us online, call or visit our Bridgeville, PA location today to talk to a dedicated expert to get a free quote.

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