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Customer Feature: Shuster’s Custom Ride

By: Brittney

When Cleveland Brothers comes to mind, one might think of heavy equipment, Cat engines, parts and service, or maybe even aggregate equipment. But when Rob Shuster, co-owner of Shuster Home and RWS Development, thinks of Cleveland Brothers, he thinks of so much more. While Shuster utilizes Cleveland Brothers in a more traditional sense by owning an extensive fleet of heavy equipment to support the family business, Shuster also relies on its independent truck network known as Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers.

Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers, a total solutions provider dedicated to providing exceptional on-highway truck service, offer a one-of-a-kind experience for each and every customer depending on their needs. For Shuster, that includes state inspections, diagnostic testing, preventive maintenance, repairs and even a custom glider.

This custom glider is unlike any other performed by the Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers team because the truck itself is so unique. Although Shuster has a fleet of 25 on-highway trucks that he services regularly with Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers, his newest truck is far from your average truck. Instead of a standard 18 ft. bed, this truck has been converted into a recreational vehicle (RV) for family trips and getaways!



Creativity at Work 

The idea of this unique build came to Shuster in 2016 after tirelessly dealing with multiple RVs that regularly broke down. Shuster reflected, “I had conventional RVs and they would break down constantly. So, Boe [Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers Regional Truck Service Operations Manager] and I came up with the idea.” And just like that, Shuster bought a truck, found a company in Indiana to build the RV in the bed and utilized Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers to finish the job with a complete, custom glider.

This 2017 Kenworth now has a C15 Cat engine with a 6-speed Allison transmission and a mere 1,800 miles on it. Started in Dec. 2016 and completed about a year later, Shuster is pleased with his custom-built RV and experience with Cleveland Brothers and Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers.

While Shuster complimented the quality of Cat equipment, fast turnaround, skilled technicians, superior parts and maintenance along with the elaborate parts availability, he ultimately said it’s the relationship with the Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers team that keeps him coming back. He stated, “My relationship with Boe has made it a pleasure to deal with Cleveland Brothers.”

An employee like Boe is one of the many reasons why Shuster and his family choose to work with Cleveland Brothers. The partnership, which initially started more than 30 years ago in the heavy equipment division, continues to build and now includes the truck division as well. With a growing business and a family of six, Shuster has no time to spare for downtime and that’s why he chooses Cleveland Brothers and Cleveland Brothers RIG360 Truck Centers for all of his projects, both professional and personal. With a new RV, glider and Cat engine that’s trusted to run for miles, Shuster and his family have many trips planned for years to come.

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