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Transforming a Cat D8R Dozer with a Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild

By: Hannah Comeau

D8R After CPT Rebuild

Are you looking for a way to maximize the life of your Cat machine for a fraction of the cost? Cat machines can withstand multiple lifetimes with a rebuild, which is the best way for machine owners to get the most out of their investment. Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors did just that by trusting Cleveland Brothers to restore the original performance and productivity of their Cat D8R Dozer with a Cat Certified Powertrain (CPT) Rebuild. The company realized it was time to give their D8R a second life as it was reaching 19,000 hours. After Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors discussed how they wanted to transform their D8R, our service team began the process. Utilizing our extensive rebuild capabilities and specialized facilities, we were able to perform the entire rebuild to transform the life of their D8R. 



D8R Before Rebuild

A CPT Rebuild follows a step-by-step process to transform the life of a power train. Once the D8R arrived at our Lancaster, Pa. shop, the service team conducted an extensive evaluation where over 200 tests and inspections were performed. Cleveland Brothers follows all rebuild processes and procedures from Caterpillar to ensure you receive a consistent standard of excellence with the rebuild.

After technicians performed an inspection, the machine was completely disassembled and the components of the final drive, like brakes and steering, were sent to our Indiana, Pa. facility to be rebuilt. All other components were rebuilt right at the Lancaster shop. The inspection revealed a list of additional items that needed to be repaired outside of the CPT, which ensured Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors were receiving a like-new machine. Those findings were restored, including the electronic control modules, hoses, sensors, pumps, switches and cooling packages. To improve productivity and safety, the team also performed engineering updates and upgrades. 



During this rebuild, we swapped out the customer’s existing engine for a Cat exchange engine and their transmission for a Cat Reman transmission. The Cleveland Brothers exchange program is a unique program where components, like the engine and transmission, are rebuilt ahead of time and stored in our warehouses until it fits the right customer’s needs. This gives the customer a time advantage by already having a like-new engine and transmission for their machine rebuild.  

Cat engine exchange programCalibrations were then performed to ensure all components were rebuilt properly, and to ensure a smooth and efficient end result. The engine ran at full load on the Dyno at our Indiana facility, and the other components were tested similarly at our Lancaster shop. Then all components were shipped back to Lancaster and assembled into the machine.

After adding a fresh coat of paint and new stickers, the machine was transported back to the jobsite to undergo on-the-job testing and observation from a Cleveland Brothers technician. During this phase, the technician and operator reviewed the machine and performed adjustments. Once the machine was evaluated and received the stamp of approval by the customer on the jobsite, the D8R Cat Certified Powertrain rebuilt was considered complete and Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors were able to count on their D8R to go back to work. 



“Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors were a pleasure to work with. They engaged with us throughout the process by checking in on the progress and even documented it for social media. During the process they were 

patient, respectful and enthusiastic, which is the kind of customer that makes doing what we do at Cleveland Brothers all worth it,” said Paul Weston, Cleveland Brothers Parts & Service Sales Representative, who worked with Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors from start to finish of the D8R rebuild.   

Check out the before and after photos provided by Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors of their D8R Cat Certified Powertrain Rebuild performed by Cleveland Brothers. Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors were able to keep their D8R while restoring the original performance and productivity levels.  

After hours of planning, work and research, our team was able to effectively fulfill the demands for Lyons & Hohl Site Contractors, and Cleveland Brothers can do the same for you and your company. For more information on the variety of rebuild options, contact your Product Support Sales Representative today at 1-866-551-4602.



D8R Before



D8R After Rebuild