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New Power Generation Equipment

For all your on-site permanent and temporary electric power needs, look no further than Cleveland Brothers’ complete line of Caterpillar generators and accessory power solutions. We understand that constant, quality power to your business is critical. That is why Cleveland Brothers offers a full line of standby generators, automatic transfer switches, generator paralleling switchgear, uninterruptible power supply, enclosures, custom packages and other distributed power control solutions to ensure your lights never go out. Industries served include: Commercial and Industrial Facilities, Utilities, Landfills, Wastewater Treatment Plants, and more.

Diesel Generator Sets – 12kW to 17,460kW – Specs

Gas Generator Sets – 65kW to 6520kW – Specs

Integrated Solutions

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply
    • An industrial UPS, or Uninterruptible Power Supply, is the best way to maintain power to your critical loads in the event of a power sag, spike or even a complete power loss. When the need for generator power arises, it may take up to 15 seconds for a standby generator to power up and reach full load. Those 15 seconds may cost you valuable data, time, materials, and profits. The CAT industrial UPS can bridge that gap in power and complete a totally integrated backup system.
    • Why Choose a CAT UPS?
      • Seamless Transition Between Utility and Standby Power
      • Battery-Free
      • Up to 97% Efficiency
      • Flywheel – 75% Smaller Footprint than Battery Option
      • Environmentally Safe “Green Energy”
      • Conditions Power & Regulates Voltage
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Switchgear

New Power Generation Equipment

Used Power Generation Equipment

Landfill Gas to Energy Conversion

Landfill gas-to-energy projects use generator sets to turn waste into economically viable electricity. Caterpillar continually researches, develops and delivers products specifically designed to be operated on landfill gas fuels. In fact, over 1,500 MW of electricity is produced from Cat® landfill generator sets – enough power for more than one million homes.

Co-Generation (Combined Heat and Power)

Combined heat and power cogeneration systems let you generate electricity with up to 90 percent total efficiency. If you have an around-the-clock electric demand and a substantial heat requirement, combined heat and power (cogeneration) systems may work for you. Read more

Prime Power On-site power systems can serve as your sole or primary source of power. Read more

  • With high part-load efficiency, start-stop flexibility with switchgears and good load-following characteristics, engine-generator sets from trusted power generation companies like CAT® are well-suited to daily facility loads. They are a practical source of prime or continuous power generation:
    • Where utility service is unavailable or costly to install
    • Where utility rates are high
      o Where frequent or prolonged outages are a concern
    • Where complete control of power quality and reliability is essential
  • CAT prime and continuous power generation systems serve a host of applications, from buildings or factories to utility installations serving islands or remote communities. Units up to 16 MW are available; multiple units can create fully functional power plants up to 100 MW. Staggered maintenance schedules deliver virtually 100 percent system availability. And you can choose the most available or affordable fuel:
    • Natural gas
    • Propane
    • Waste gases or biogases including landfill gas
    • Distillate diesel
    • Residual or crude oil


Industrial Engines

Caterpillar’s line of diesel and gas engine systems we’re built to be durable and reliable in even the most inhospitable of environments. Cat Industrial Engines and transmissions can power anything around the world from a drilling rig, to a ship or boat, to a truck, to our own construction equipment. If your product needs power, we’ve got a power train that will meet your needs along the engineering expertise to help make your product successful.

Oil and Gas Applications

Caterpillar is the first choice for industrial engines and heavy duty transmissions for Well Service, Fracturing, Gas Compression, and more. Read more


Cat® industrial engines are ready for your application. These engines deliver the unsurpassed reliability, durability, fuel efficiency, and low cost of ownership you have come to expect from Caterpillar. And our world-class product support will never let you down. All this adds up to a powerful advantage for you. Read more


Every Cat® marine engine comes with 75 years of engine experience. Our world-class product line of high-speed and medium-speed marine engines for commercial, ocean-going and pleasure craft marine power systems applications allows us to offer power solutions for the output range of 11 kW – 16,000 kW, main propulsion and onboard power supply, including emergency generator sets, single or multi-engine plants and complete propulsion systems. Read more

Used Power Generation Equipment

Parts & Service

Complete Turnkey Solutions

  • Engineering Assistance
    • Our engineering group offers the expertise to specify the appropriate generator, distribution equipment, enclosure (if needed), and accessory product needs, all customized to meet your expectations. They will also advise on federal, state and additional local regulations to ensure generator emissions meet the sometimes complicated and ever-changing standards. Cleveland Brothers has solutions from a retrofit to current Tier IV regulations.
  • Delivery and Installation
  • On-Site Maintenance
    • Whether it’s one of our Preventative Maintenance packages or an emergency repair, Cleveland Brothers factory certified technicians are on call 24/7 to help reduce your planned and unplanned downtime.
  • Emergency Planning
    • If a standby generator is not in your budget but you would still like to reassure that your power stays on in the event of natural disasters and unplanned events, Cleveland Brothers offers assistance in planning for such situations through our Rental Power experts.

Electric Power Services

    • Preventative Maintenance
      • At the core of our Preventive Maintenance (PM) programs is our complete 90-point service which provides a valuable maintenance record of your generating system. We follow the highest standards, including those from Caterpillar as well as National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 110 standards to ensure your safety and satisfaction. We are familiar with all aspects of your generator, not just the engine. In fact, we offer PM services no matter the make or model of engine. We also offer monthly and quarterly services as well as customized services to meet your needs. Let us be your Emergency Power Systems experts.
        • Routine preventive maintenance inspections available for all makes and models.
        • Oil and filter changes performed with genuine Cat parts.
        • Automatic Transfer Switch inspection and cleaning.
        • Load bank testing.
        • Cat UPS inspections and routine maintenance.
        • UPS battery inspections and testing.
        • NFPA 110 compliance testing.
        • Customized maintenance plans to meet your unique requirements.
    • SOS (Scheduled Oil Sampling)
      • As part of our comprehensive 90-point PM service, we will perform Scheduled Oil Sampling (or S.O.S) in our own dedicated lab. Our S.O.S program is the best way to monitor your engine and forecast wear-related problems. Caterpillar S.O.S analysis:
        • Measures Wear Metals and Dirt
        • Detects Water, Fuel and Antifreeze in Oil
        • Measures Soot, Oxidation and Sulfur Contaminants
      • Many companies evaluate oil composition, but interpreting the results is the key to effective engine management. We understand your engine, so we can interpret findings and diagnose problems quickly and accurately. When you receive your S.O.S test results, the information is clear, concise and easy to understand. It calls for specific, immediate action and/or makes carefully outlined recommendations that reduce downtime, increase efficiency and productivity.
    • Loadbank Testing
      • Load bank testing, based on your operation and its requirements, may be critical to assure your system is prepared to operate as specified and when called upon. Monthly transfer tests and outages may not meet the minimum required load your generator set needs to help prevent engine slobbering and wet stacking. Cleveland Brothers owns and operates over five megawatts of mobile load bank testing equipment. Our four hour test determines the power capability and condition of your emergency generator along with removing carbon, seating piston rings and removing unburned fuel and oil in the exhaust system. The test is documented. We can provide a load test to help you meet NFPA 110 standards.
        • Provide compliance with NFPA 110 regulations and JCAHO standards.
        • Keep your unit operating efficiently and reduce engine wet stacking.
        • Ensure circuit breaker performance.
        • Resistive and Reactive diagnostic testing.
    • Megohm Testing
      • Megohm testing or “megger” testing involves the use of a specialized service tool that produces a high voltage (500–1000 volts) in the windings of a generator stator or rotor. The megohmeter then measures how much of this voltage is lost to ground, and using this information calculates the resistance of the insulation.This value is then displayed as the insulation resistance in megohms.
      • What are the Benefits of Megohm Testing?
        • Can determine the presence of moisture in generator windings.This is especially critical for generators that are installed outdoors in an unheated enclosure, or are installed in damp or humid environments (boiler rooms).
        • Can detect deterioration of insulation from age, dirt or dust accumulation, chemical reaction, and moisture.
        • If done on a regular basis, can establish a trend of deterioration.
        • Can be used to troubleshoot certain problems.
        • Early detection of problems can help prevent catastrophic failure in the event of a problem developing into a dead short to ground.
        • Problems found can be addressed and corrected before failure, resulting in reduction of repair cost and downtime.
        • Relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of catastrophic failure.
    • On-Site Power Quality Analysis – Identify harmonics and unbalanced power output.
      • Cleveland Brothers can troubleshoot problems related to intermittent surges, sags, spikes, harmonics, etc. We can help determine if particular problems that are being experienced are the result of poor quality of your power source—whether utility or your standby generator—or as a result of load-related issues. Power Quality Analysis added to your existing Load Bank Testing can help verify the electrical performance of your stand-by emergency power equipment. This powerful and versatile tool samples 256 times per cycle providing extremely accurate measurements of parameters such as Volts, Amps, Frequency, kW, KVAR, Power Factor, Voltage and Current Harmonics,Total Harmonic Distortion, and much more.
      • Our portable analyzer can be quickly connected to systems up to 600 VAC and 3000 Amps. Real-time data can be viewed on the analyzer or PC during testing, while reports featuring both numerical data and color graphic representations of measured values are provided upon completion of the analysis.
    • Vibration Analysis
      • Vibration is a reality of any power-driven system. Fast moving, reciprocating parts can slowly wear through even the smallest misalignment, unbalance, stiffness or other forces. Vibration can cause damage over time, but seldom is identified as the problem because its effects are slow to develop. Accurate measurement of vibration is the only means of solving a potential problem, but often is difficult to accomplish. Rely on Cleveland Brothers to accurately measure vibration in your system and give you the information you need to avoid potential problems
    • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) and Switchgear Service
      • Whether your system features an ATS from Caterpillar, Russelectric, ASCO or elsewhere, Cleveland Brothers offers complete ATS Preventive Maintenance services for all automatic transfer switches from factory-trained technicians. We have documented, established procedures that allow us to offer complete system maintenance from the generator back. Rely on us to be your one-stop service provider. In addition to transfer switches, we also maintain all other types of switchgear, including paralleling gear (multiple generators working together), monitoring gear, set-point peak shaving gear, generator control centers and more. Let us help you realize the time and cost savings of contracting all services to one dependable source.

Electric Power Generation Service

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