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Cleveland Brothers

Employee Spotlight: John Wright

By: Hannah Comeau
May 11, 2023

Meet technician John Wright who hit 52 years of service with Cleveland Brothers in February. John has been with the company since 1971 and is our longest tenured current employee. He has held multiple roles throughout his career. Although his job responsibilities may have changed, the one thing that has not changed over the last 52 years is how he has assisted customers on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be in the shop or, more recently, in the field, John works on a variety of equipment—completing maintenance, repairs or improvements. 

John enjoys working on various Cat machines and getting to see all the different machines that have come through the shop and out on a jobsite. On top of servicing Cat equipment, he is also skilled in servicing numerous allied brands, but his loyalty to the Cat brand remains as Caterpillar is his favorite equipment brand to work on. He enjoys the challenge and figuring out the problems that come along with his job. “The challenge keeps me sharp in my skills and always has given me room to grow” he said.” As equipment changes and technology advances, there is always an opportunity to learn and grow, especially within John’s position.  

When working on a jobsite and with a variety of customers, John discussed how one of the most important things a customer looks for in a solutions provider, like Cleveland Brothers, is a quick turnaround time. When customers are out on a jobsite and have a deadline to meet, downtime can become a bit of a hassle, but the Cleveland Brothers team provides the most efficient solution to reduce downtime. As John reflected over his 52 years of service, he said, “it has been a fun ride!” Cleveland Brothers is thankful for John’s hard work and dedication over the past 52 years.