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Need a Cat Hydraulic Hose Built Today?

By: Hannah Comeau

You rely on Cat equipment to get the job done day after day. The same reliability should be expected of the parts you put on your machine, especially your hydraulic hoses. Cat Hydraulic Hoses are designed to last longer, maximize productivity and reduce downtime. Caterpillar is so committed to producing quality hoses that the company remains the only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to make its own hose and couplings.


Why Cat Hoses?

Cat hosesCat hoses are the answer for your entire fleet—no matter the equipment make or model—due to their reliability, durability and productivity. They go through the most rigorous testing processes and were designed to work as one piece with couplings to reduce leaks and deliver the results your equipment deserves. Cat hoses are made of a high-quality rubber inner liner, added wire reinforcement and a tough outer cover that resists oil, weather and abrasions. Cleveland Brothers uses Caterpillar-designed tooling and industry-unique software to construct every hose assembly to exact OEM specifications. This exclusive tooling and software combination ensures precise crimps every time for enhanced safety and reliability.


How does Cleveland Brothers Build Cat Hoses?

Murrysville hose shopAt Cleveland Brothers, your one-stop hose shop, we can create custom length hoses at 15 of our facilities. The process begins by identifying the hose needed for your exact application. We then measure it to its desired length and, then make a cut to the exact length specifications.

After the hose is cut, depending on the length and specifications, our technicians determine which ends are needed for the hose. The hose is then set up on our hose press and crimped on both ends. Once the hose is cleaned out with foam projectile, both ends are capped to prevent contamination. The hose is then labeled and ready to be installed in your machine. Cleveland Brothers allows this process to be as smooth and efficient as possible, while giving you maximum safety and dependability for your Cat hoses.


How do I order a Cat Hose?

Cleveland Brothers offers multiple options to order Cat hydraulic hoses. Since Cat hoses are built with durability and flexibility for low-, medium- and high-pressure offerings, you’ll find solutions for all of your equipment.

hose crimpsOne option is to order online through Parts.Cat.Com where you’ll have the convenience of shopping when it is right for you, while accessing thousands of parts options. Our online portal allows you to have your Cat hoses delivered directly to your door or your jobsite.

You can also call your local Cleveland Brothers parts counter to order your Cat hoses and a parts counter advisor will discuss with you the exact configurations you need to get your equipment up and running. Or choose to come in to one of our locations to order your Cat hoses in-person, and we will discuss the specifications needed for your equipment. Find your nearest Cleveland Brothers location here.


For more information about Cat hoses for your specific application, contact your Parts and Service Sales Representative at 1-866-551-4602.