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How to Improve Fleet Management by Avoiding Common Problems

By: Cleveland Brothers
May 19, 2022

How to Improve Fleet Management by Avoiding Common Problems

A fleet manager oversees a company’s fleet operations to ensure it runs efficiently and safely while complying with laws and regulations. Even though everyday duties can differ among fleet managers, they all tie in directly with a company’s bottom line. Avoiding common problems associated with these tasks can ensure smooth performance while increasing your operation’s profitability.

When it comes to successfully managing your equipment fleet, efficiency is one of the most critical elements. However, many fleet managers find themselves consumed with repetitive, time-consuming tasks that take up the bulk of their day. While these duties are necessary, they can be problematic in the long run when not handled effectively.


Overcoming Common Operations Problems for Fleet Managers

One of the most productive ways to avoid common problems is using a proven fleet management software program. These solutions can help ensure data accuracy, speed up your tedious and mundane tasks, streamline communication and more. Some problems this software can help you avoid include:

  • Underperforming equipment: Properly maintained equipment sets you up for maximum production. Documenting your maintenance schedules can ensure the work gets done. In addition, having a reliable service partner like Cleveland Brothers perform your maintenance and repairs keeps your equipment in peak operating condition.
  • Miscommunication: Being open and transparent with your fleet management goals is a critical first step toward success. Arranging routine meetings with equipment operators and other department heads to discuss progress and gather feedback about how daily tasks are going is vital for streamlining company-wide communication.
  • Fuel management issues: Fleet management software can help minimize fuel spending and improve cost savings by showing exactly where fuel dollars are going and flagging any vehicles or drivers that aren’t following standard protocol.
  • Outdated technology and processes: Duties like dispatching, scheduling equipment maintenance, keeping customers informed, invoicing and other tasks can eat up a lot of your time. Having an accurate and dependable fleet management software program at your disposal will help increase your efficiency and decrease your workload.
  • Unqualified operators: Ensuring that all employees in your department have the necessary training is critical. Providing workshops, classes and videos on the latest fleet management practices and procedures can help maximize your team’s overall performance.


Trust Cleveland Brothers for Fleet Management Solutions

At Cleveland Brothers, we help customers in most of Pennsylvania, western Maryland and northern West Virginia get the most out of their equipment by providing superior services and solutions that support fleet managers. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to improve your company’s efficiency, our team can show you how VisionLink® and other software programs can increase performance. Contact us online today or call us at 866-551-4602 to learn more.

Trust Cleveland Brothers for Fleet Management Solutions