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Gas Compression Engines

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Gas Compression Engines

Whether you’re constructing a new oil and gas wellhead or working on a pipeline compression project, you need dependable, durable and high-performance equipment solutions to cover a range of different tasks. From gas lifting and gas gathering to storage to re-injection, the Caterpillar® gas compression engines available at Cleveland Brothers offer the versatility and heavy duty results you need.

We’re the premier Cat equipment supplier working with local businesses throughout Pennsylvania and throughout northern West Virginia. With our decades of local experience and broad selection of Cat gas compression engines available to buy, we can work with you to provide guidance and specific equipment solutions that exceed your highest performance expectations, job specifications and budget considerations. We offer only the best solutions to help you efficiently and effectively complete any type of project your working on.

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What to Expect With Caterpillar Gas Compression Engines

For several decades, Cat has been the most trusted and reliable equipment manufacturer worldwide. Cleveland Brothers has the most extensive inventory of Cat gas compression engines throughout the area available in a range of capacities, fuel types and ratings from 82 bkW to 6,100 bkW. Every Cat oil and gas engine available at Cleveland Brothers features the latest electronic controls for smooth, steady performance, exceptional fuel economy, versatile performance capabilities, dependable manufacturing and low operating costs to maximize your profitability.

When you purchase a Cat gas compression engine from your local Cat professionals, you can expect only the products and advanced features available, including:

  • Digital engine management: Cat’s advanced ADEM A4 digital engine management systems are the latest available system technology with fewer mechanical components for improved performance and reduced repair or maintenance needs. With the digital engine management systems in Cat’s gas compression engines, you’ll have superior air fuel ratio control, electric ignitions, electric speed control, start and stop logic and detailed engine monitoring and protection capabilities.
  • Full range of attachments: Have confidence and flexibility to complete any type of job site project with a variety of different oil and gas engine attachments.
  • Gas Engine Rating Pro (GERP): GERP is a PC-based program that offers site performance outcomes for our inventory of Cat natural gas compression engines. With gas engine rating pro data, you can have access to detailed data for your site including the altitude, ambient temperature, fuel, engine coolant heat rejection, performance data, installation drawings, spec sheets and pump curves.

Choose Cleveland Brothers for All of Your Cat Equipment and Gas Compression Engine Needs

Cleveland Brothers is happy to work with local businesses throughout Pennsylvania and West Virginia to offer you with the right type of oil and gas engines for your next project. We offer the widest and most diverse selection of Cat gas compression engines throughout the area and can provide guidance on which engines work best for your performance needs, jobsite expectations and budget.

Call us today at 866-551-4602 to speak to one of our knowledgeable, experienced team members or complete our online form to request additional information about our Cat products and maintenance-related services.

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