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Cat® Industrial Chillers From Cleveland Brothers

Industrial chilling modules serve a number of useful purposes in the manufacturing and other industrial sectors. If your project calls for one, contact Cleveland Brothers today discuss your rental options. We offer a wide range of both water- and air-cooled chiller modules and accessories that can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.


There are a number of unique industrial applications that demand an air- or water-cooled chiller. Cleveland Brothers supplies chiller units for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Industrial manufacturing, welding and die-casting
  • Healthcare equipment maintenance
  • Food processing

Contact Cleveland Brothers to discuss the specifics of your project. We can put together a rental package that’s right for you. Our team of experts will calculate your load needs and provide transport, installation and maintenance at your worksite.

Available Units

Cleveland Brothers has chiller units available for rent suitable for use in a variety of industrial and manufacturing applications. We offer air-cooled chillers from 25 to 450 tons. We also rent water-cooled (brine chiller) modules rated from 500 to 525 tons, ideal for freezers and sensitive processes. Air-cooled units can achieve temperatures from 0-20°F without the need for cooling towers, water treatment or additional piping. Water-cooled chillers are capable of achieving temperatures as low as -40°F.

Features and Benefits

Our chillers include all pumps, suction strainers and triple-duty valves necessary for a standard installation, keeping your ancillary costs lower.

Chiller units available for rent from Cleveland Brothers include the following features:

  • Weatherized trailer enclosures certified for highway transport. Our chillers can be skid- or trailer-mounted, allowing for safe shipping and simple installation.
  • Large, variable-flow water pumps that allow chiller units to be used in a variety of applications
  • Automated, intuitive controls, including hands-free starting and stopping that provides ease of use and reliability
  • Double-wall housing that provides sound attenuation for employee comfort and noise ordinance compliance
  • Motor centers equipped with disconnect switches to allow for NEC/CE code compliance

Contact us to discuss your industrial chilling needs. We can recommend the unit that’s right for you and put together a rental package that includes all necessary accessories.

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