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Electric Power Generation Service

6 serviceWhen your daily operations relies on electric power generation to keep it running, unexpected downtime can be critical. You can rely on Cleveland Brothers for dependable engine and generator support from high quality engine replacement parts and complete genset repairs or overhauls to fluid analysis and preventive maintenance.

All of our services are performed by highly skilled, factory-trained and certified service technicians.

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You count on your generator to run at crucial times. By frequently testing your generator with a comprehensive systems inspection, performed by Cleveland Brothers, you can be confident it will perform when you need it most.

Cleveland Brothers offers two levels of Preventive Maintenance (PM) service:

PM Level 1

Recommended intervals depend on use and application. PM Level 1 with Cleveland Brothers includes comprehensive inspections of the following:

  • Cooling System
  • Fuel System
  • Lube System
  • Air System
  • Exhaust System
  • Starting System
  • Generator
  • Safety Controls
  • Control Panel
  • S•O•S℠ Fluid Analysis

This service can be recommended weekly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. For standby systems, the PM Level 1 inspection is recommended semi-annually.

To see all of the services included in PM Level 1, download the PDF below.

Preventive Maintenance Level 1 Details


PM Level 2

Recommended at 12 month intervals, PM Level 2 with Cleveland Brothers includes all of the inspections from PM Level 1, plus:

  • Changing the Lubricating Oil
  • Changing the Lubricating Oil Filter
  • Changing the Fuel Filter
  • S•O•S℠ Fluid Analysis

To see all of the services included in PM Level 2, download the PDF below.

Preventive Maintenance Level 2 Details

In addition, we offer numerous special promotions and discounts for PM to better serve you, including free parts transfer from store to store, free technical support and on-site operation and service training to name a few. Call 1-866-268-1717 or your Power Systems Rep today for more information on our PM services and benefits.




Your engine’s cooling system is an integral contributor to your generator’s overall operating performance.

Cleveland Brothers recommends our cooling system maintenance service at 36-month intervals, depending on the type of coolant used, and includes:

  • Draining and removing existing coolant
  • Completely flushing the cooling system with detergent-based biodegradable cleaner to remove scale, deposits and other solid materials
  • Draining and removing flush to an off-site recovery facility
  • Refilling and restoring cooling capacity by replenishing the cooling system with premium Cat® coolant
  • Replacement of all coolant hosts, belts and thermostats

For more information on cooling system maintenance, download the below PDF.





Technology changes every minute, so you need to know that you’re getting the most out of your generator through planned reviews and upgrades. With our generator set control panel retrofit programs, you’ll be able to upgrade your existing generator to the latest Caterpillar technology with our engineered solutions.

Our Cat retrofit packages provide a clean upgrade for your system. Saving you both time and money, we provide a more simplified and expanded control for all of your existing equipment. This will help minimize downtime and keep you running at full capacity.


  • You control your downtime
  • Less expensive than purchasing a new generator set
  • Provides additional electrical protection and reliability


  • Easy integration
  • Increased capacity
  • Compliance reporting

Control Panel Offerings include:

  • Cat EMCP 4.2B
  • Cat EMCP 4.3
  • Cat EMCP 4.4
  • Aftermarket

In addition to these offerings, we have a number of engineered retrofit kits including standard box, remote box and custom door kits. Our accessories include remote annunciators, EMCP 4 accessories and voltage regulator kits.

Contact your Product Support Sales Representative today for more information on how we can help you.





Is your switchgear parallel control out of date and in need of an upgrade? Are you spending more money on repairs than your switchgear is actually worth?

When you’re looking for reliable solutions to keep you powered up for highest performance, you can count on our Cat switchgear services. No matter what switchgear you currently have, Cleveland Brothers is the preferred dealer for integrated generators, switchgear products and exceptional support and service. You can rely on us to ensure your system will perform when the lights are out.

Our switchgear service offerings include:

  • Project Engineering to your exact specification and approval
  • Backup power as needed during upgrade
  • Customer Support Agreements
  • Rework of existing system without changing your footprint
  • Commissioning and testing
  • Training

In addition, the engineering, design and quoting is at no cost to you. We can also arrange on site visits and demos of systems in place.

Learn more about our switchgear maintenance services.





Generator sitting idle? It could be growing a major headache in your tank. Contaminants can adhere to the tank’s wall while your engine is sitting, and you might not even notice any signs of a problem when you run it at exercise. But once your generator is running at full power and the fuel begins to move around, the contaminants begin to break away from the wall of your tank and enter your fuel.

Even the smallest amount of contaminants can cause:

  • Loss of power
  • Incomplete combustion
  • Excessive emissions
  • Injector failure

To ensure that your generator’s fuel is at optimal quality, the proposed NFPA Standard 110 recommends that steps be taken to renew fuel if the entire volume of the tank is not exchanged within one year. Yearly monitoring can also indicate when cleaning is necessary, which is usually two to three years for critical systems and three to five years for non-critical systems. Cleveland Brothers can conduct fuel analysis testing through Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S℠) Fluid Analysis to determine the level of contaminants in your fuel.

To address all of your fuel system needs, Cleveland Brothers offers a maintenance program that includes:

  • Fuel Testing and Laboratory Analysis
  • Fuel Polishing
  • Fuel Tank Replacement
  • Fuel Conditioning
  • Fuel Tank Cleaning




It’s imperative to your business and the operation of your equipment that you are in compliance with the most up-to-date emissions regulations. But keeping up with changing standards isn’t something you have to worry about when you partner with Cleveland Brothers.

To ensure that you are in compliance with Federal and Local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, Cleveland Brothers will assist you with emissions testing via Caterpillar standards on your exact engine or generator.




An overhaul is an important step to restore the performance and reliability of your Cat® Engine. By utilizing both new and remanufactured parts, Cleveland Brothers can help you maintain performance and reduce operating costs.

The factors that go into knowing when the right time to overhaul your engine include:

  • An increase of oil consumption
  • An increase of crankcase blow-by
  • The total amount of fuel consumption
  • The service hours of the engine
  • The wear metal analysis of the lube oil
  • An increase in the levels of noise and vibration

Cleveland Brothers offers four different overhaul options, depending on your service needs.

Top End Overhaul and Lower End Overhaul include the following:

  • Replacement of new or exchange parts like filters, gaskets, seals and more
  • Inspections of bores (Top End Only), Rocker Arm Assembly (Top End Only), Oil Pumps, and more
  • Operational checks (Top End Only) of instruments and meters and adjustments to the injection timing and rack and high and low idle and more

Level 1 Overhaul and Level 2 Overhaul include the following:

  • Replacement of new or exchange parts like filters, bearings, seals, and more
  • Inspections of camshaft, rollers and followers, crankshafts, piston cooling jets and more
  • Operational checks on instruments, meters, adjust injection timing and rack and high and low idle, paint the engine and more




Your operation depends on the constant availability of power. In turn, you depend on your standby generator to provide power in an emergency, without fail or interruption. Let the experts at Cleveland Brothers perform Load Bank Testing to ensure that your system is prepared to operate when called upon.

A Load Bank Test confirms the ability of your generator to produce a given kW and attain proper engine operating temperature. It will exercise the cooling system, re-seat engine piston rings, burn off carbon deposits and more. In addition, a Load Bank Test can help you meet your emergency power supply system maintenance requirements.

Recommended annually, our Load Bank Test includes:

  • Determining the power capability and condition of your emergency generator
  • Removing carbon deposits
  • Seating piston rings
  • Removing unburned fuel and oil in the exhaust system
  • Documentation of test results




Periodic inspection and testing of your generator greatly reduces the probability of costly generator repairs. Let Cleveland Brothers measure the electrical resistance of your generators’ insulators with an ohmmeter to identify problems before they turn into major failures.

Recommended at 60-month intervals, megohmmeter testing by Cleveland Brothers includes:

  • Inspection of generator windings and insulation for wear and debris
  • Verification of the overall efficiency and conductivity of the generator
  • Inspection and verification of the integrity and consistency of the insulation




Maintaining your Cat® generator is one of your top priorities. A good place to start is with Scheduled Oil Sampling (S•O•S℠) Fluid Analysis. It’s the fastest, most accurate and reliable way to see what’s going on inside of your engine. And it’s an important step to pinpoint trouble early so that you can avoid shutdowns for unplanned repairs or catastrophic failures.

Using sophisticated technology, Cleveland Brothers’ trained technicians can determine if the fluids in your engine, like oil, coolant and fuel, are doing their jobs. As a result, performance losses and major repairs can be avoided. With S•O•S Fluid Analysis, you’ll learn a lot of more than the condition of your fluids. You’ll be able to make well-informed decisions with:

  • In-depth fluid analysis
  • Clear, understandable reports
  • Timely information about your generator

Cleveland Brothers offers three types of Fluid Analysis services:

Oil Analysis: Developed by Caterpillar engineers and chemists, Oil Analysis tests evaluate the total condition of your engine, instead of only testing the oil. Cleveland Brothers offers this analysis automatically in the Preventive Maintenance Level 2 service for your generator. Several tests are conducted to detect problems before they become failures, including:

  • Wear Rate Analysis
  • Oil Cleanliness Analysis
  • Oil Condition Analysis
  • Detection of Fuel, Water & Glycol

Coolant Analysis: Because an estimated 50% of all engine failures or poor performance incidents are associated with cooling system problems, the best way to monitor the condition of your coolant and cooling system is with Coolant Analysis. It features a two-level program that can identify problems with maintenance procedures and operational practices. This analysis is offered automatically by Cleveland Brothers with a Preventive Maintenance Level 2 service.

Level 1, Basic Coolant Maintenance Check: four analytical tests and four observational parameters are administered that can show major problems within the coolant and can predict major cooling system problems.

Level 2, Comprehensive Cooling System Analysis: an extensive chemical evaluation of the coolant is conducted and shows its overall effect on the inside of your cooling system. These tests can identify subtle cooling system problems, determine probable causes and help prioritize the urgency of needed corrections.

Fuel Analysis: Clean fuel is critical for standby power. By testing your fuel with Fuel Analysis, you’ll be provided with:

  • Early detection of common fuel problems, like microbial contamination
  • Testing for condensation build up in the fuel tank
  • A comprehensive report with an objective evaluation and specific recommendations. This may include fuel polishing, which loops fuel out of and back into the tank to remove particulate matter and entrained water




Most generator failures are a result of starting system faults. To keep your critical power from being uninterrupted, Cleveland Brothers will test your generator’s starter system frequently.

Recommended annually, the maintenance of your starter system includes:

  • Systematically testing the battery charger, starter and starting system wiring
  • Replacing starting batteries every 3 years and confirming cranking capacity
  • A detailed report showing the results of all tests




If your generator is in operation, you can guarantee that it’s vibrating to a certain degree. Acceptable levels of vibration for generators have been established, but if a high level of vibration is occurring, it could signal a problem. Cleveland Brothers’ trained technicians will use vibration analysis to diagnose and solve machine and engine vibration problems. In addition, they are trained to recognize common mechanical problems on your generator, like unbalance, misalignment, looseness and bearing defects.

By detecting faults at an early stage using trend analysis, Cleveland Brothers will help you avoid costly, time-consuming disassembly of components and systems.



Additional Power Generation Services


Need standby power while your generator is going through planned maintenance or shutdowns? How about a plan designed specifically for your facility to keep critical power on during an emergency? Cleveland Brothers offers temporary standby rental power and emergency planning designed to meet your unique needs.

We’ll work with you to determine:

  • What power requirements you’ll need
  • Where a good location is for delivery and operation
  • The features you’ll need on your generator set
  • The equipment and accessories you’ll need
  • Special capabilities you need Cleveland Brothers to provide
  • Where to find a reliable fuel supply
  • The emergency contacts you’ll need to be in charge during an outage

For more information on how Cleveland Brothers can fulfill your temporary power needs, contact an Electric Power Services Rep at (866) 268-1717.


Caterpillar parts arrive daily from the York distribution center to our own logistics hub in Centre County. Through our network of 12 power systems branches, convenient parts drops and state-of-the-art Central Parts Distribution Facility, we provide new Cat parts, used Cat parts, remanufactured Caterpillar parts as well as Cat Classic and non-CatT parts. Cleveland Brothers also has the ability where economical to salvage your damaged and worn machine components to new working condition.


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