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Reading Anthracite Rolls Out Cat® 6020B

By: Brittney

Cat 6020B and Service TruckEarlier in 2021, Reading Anthracite Company purchased a Cat® 6020B hydraulic mining shovel and two Cat 777G 100-ton haul trucks from Cleveland Brothers in order to develop it s newest mine, Pine Knot, in Schuylkill County.

Reading Anthracite is a leading producer and a coal mining company based in Pottsville, Pa., with origins dating back to 1871 when its predecessor, the Philadelphia and Reading Coal and Iron Company was chartered. It mines high-quality, multi-grade hard coal products—but specifically, it mainly mines anthracite coal in the Coal Region of eastern Pennsylvania.

Anthracite, a hard coal that is a high-carbon and high-BTU energy source, is used for metallurgical refining and processing, as well as diverse manufacturing industries, fuel for electric power plants, commercial and municipal filtration, purification applications and residential, commercial and institutional heating. With a recent increase in demand in anthracite and the opening of their newest mine, Reading Anthracite turned to Cleveland Brothers for heavy-duty equipment and mining solutions, particularly the Cat 6020B. “We decided to go with the 6020B for a multitude of reasons, but mainly for its efficiency and agility at this particular mine,” said William Rich, Vice President of Project Management and Logistics.


BIG JOB, BIG EQUIPMENTReading Anthracite job site

There are not a lot of 6020Bs in North America, but Steve Heckman, Southwest Regional Sales Manager of Cleveland Brothers, said Caterpillar had one in stock. “Reading is a longtime customer, but this is the first new Cat machine they’ve purchased since 2007. They buy a lot of used equipment: dozers, trucks…this is a big investment for a big project they’re developing—stripping overburden to expose coal.”

Heckman said there’s a “good seam of coal” that should last decades. “There are pockets of anthracite in northeast Pennsylvania—the most outside of Russia. Coal is coming back,” he added. Popular for power generation because it burns clean and for processing steel because of its high carbon content, he said anthracite is also commonly used for heating. “There’s big demand for it…and so there’s a lot of interest in the equipment.”



The 6020B features a Cat C32 engine that produces 1,040 horsepower. It has a large bucket capacity and an operating weight of 254 tons. It boasts 10 percent more productivity than other shovels in the 200-metric-ton class, along with 25 percent more efficiency and 40 percent more visibility. It’s a simple, safe and reliable machine that gets the job done.

After purchasing the 6020B, Rich said the equipment was delivered by early May and operational in late May. Transporting the machine required a 10-truckload unit and assembly took five technicians nine days. Two 90-ton cranes assisted with assembly, Heckman said, adding that the shovel “holds a tankerful of hydraulic fluid” and “has a lot of places to grease.” It’s a big unit, but the 6020B makes up for that with efficiency and productivity. There is no wasted time, Heckman said, and very little downtime. “It has a 1:20-minute cycle time. It takes just four buckets to load the truck.”



Rich said Reading Anthracite has begun developing the Pine Knot site using the 6020B and the 777Gs. “So far, we are impressed with the machine and pleased to say that development is progressing according to plan.” He believes that by adding the combination of the 6020B and 77Gs to the Pine Knot job site, they will be able to significantly increase production for years to come.

Throughout the project, Rich notes he’ll be relying on support from Cleveland Brothers, who initially sent a training instructor to educate and train Reading Anthracite’s employees on the machine’s capabilities and its general operation. There, the trainer reviewed the design, blueprints and jobsite studies to ensure that the 6020B was the best suited machine, with anticipation of 1,500 operating hours each year.

In addition to providing training, Cleveland Brothers offered insight on how to maximize efficiency on the new equipment to make sure Reading Anthracite gets the most out of the machines and the site. “The level of support that is provided by their service technicians, salesmen and ownership has been second to none,” Rich said. “We have a great relationship with [them].” As Reading Anthracite continues to grow and take on new mines, Cleveland Brothers is honored to partner with them to get the job done in the safest, most productive and efficient way.


If you are interested in learning more about Cat equipment like the 6020B or additional solutions offered by Cleveland Brothers, contact a sales representative today.