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Backhoe Loaders for Rent

Backhoe Loaders for Rent

Instead of purchasing a new backhoe when you only need it for temporary use, renting heavy equipment is a reliable alternative and a smarter investment. Whether your backhoe loader is out of commission for repairs or you need to perform a one-time job, Cleveland Brothers provides Cat® backhoes for rent.


When you need access to a productive and reliable piece of equipment, you can trust the legendary durability of Cat. Even if you have limited time to complete a job, our services and line of backhoe rentals will meet your requirements. Are you worried about affordability and quick solutions? Cleveland Brothers is here to support you with cost-effective equipment and fast services no matter your situation.

If you are unsure if renting a Cat backhoe is the right solution for your company, continue reading to learn about the equipment we have available, the advantages of renting vs. buying new and the benefits of working with Cleveland Brothers.

While you can rent heavy machinery from any dealer, we dedicate our time and resources to helping you receive serviced equipment in a timely fashion and accommodating you with further services to support your company.

Cat Backhoes Proudly Lead the Industry

In 2016, Cat became the largest construction machinery manufacturer in the world. They sold equipment valued at around $21.3 billion, ranking them first among every other manufacturer. Backhoes rentals from Cleveland Brothers deliver power and performance along with the durability and reliability universally associated with Cat equipment.

Designed to handle a range of jobs and environments, backhoe loaders support industries such as construction, roadwork, landscaping and demolition as well as gas and oil, excavation, mining, agriculture and forestry. Other industries include earth-moving, plumbing, recycling and waste.

For big or small jobs in any industry, backhoes can provide versatility and adaptability.

With a range of industries in which the backhoe loader can serve, it’s known as one of the most versatile pieces of equipment. People depend on backhoes to move rocks, uproot trees, grade new roads and dig trenches. Even if you are laying a foundation, plowing snow or excavating dirt, the machine can travel across different terrains with ease. For big or small jobs in any industry, backhoes can provide versatility and adaptability.

Because you can use the machines for different applications, you will have no problem trenching, handling materials, digging and back-filling. With elite precision, Cat backhoe loaders can handle rugged terrain and can access areas bigger pieces of machinery cannot reach.

For example, if you need to remove rubble from a narrow or compact area with limited space, a backhoe loader is ideal compared to using a machine like an articulated truck.

Discover Adaptability and the Convenience of Multiple Tool Sets

While some heavy equipment machines perform a single job, Cat backhoes are multipurpose machines to the core. You can attach specific tools to match the task at hand, including hammers, buckets, thumbs, rippers and augers for flexibility. Another feature of our backhoe rentals is the excavator-style boom. The boom extends your machine’s digging and loading performance to increase your overall productivity.

Although backhoe loaders are already versatile by themselves, the addition of attachments makes them even more functional. Work tool attachments help you:

  • Increase your productivity and eliminate the accumulation of new equipment for each job.
  • Complete projects more efficiently to save on labor costs.
  • Finish more tasks and maximize the overall performance of your backhoe

Cat backhoes also provide safety and comfort to your operations.

While Cat backhoes offer superior work performance to support your company and clients, they also provide safety and comfort to your operators. As a Cat backhoe loader rental provider, Cleveland Brothers provides our clients with equipment that ensures safety on the job site. Each backhoe has warning lights and indicators. They also improve driver visibility with comfortable cabs, ergonomic controls and adjustable air-ride seats, providing a sense of ease throughout the long work day.

Power on Demand and Rugged Capabilities

Compared to other brands that rent equipment, Cat offers exceptional components within their backhoe loaders. With fuel-efficient ACERTTM engines, our backhoes not only provide incomparable power, but also help reduce the amount of fuel you use throughout the work week. Fuel-efficient engines can help you save money while also reducing emissions.

These four-wheel-drive machines provide superior levels of traction. If your job site is muddy or covered with sand, clay or other materials, Cat machines give you the right amount of stability to withstand rough environments. Constructed with a steel frame and rugged components, Cat backhoes for rent from Cleveland Brothers will exceed your expectations no matter the terrain or conditions you put it through.

Our backhoe rentals are late-model units ranging from the 87-horsepower 416F, with a dig depth of 14.3 feet, to the 107-horsepower 430F, with a dig depth of 15.41 feet. Both the 416F and 430F have a maximum operating weight of about 24,251 pounds.

To learn more details about each rental option, click on the tabs. Specifications include information about the engine, weights, hydraulic system and powertrain. Continue searching by clicking each tab to gain more knowledge about each backhoe’s benefits, features and operational specialties.

Advantages of Renting vs. Buying Backhoe Loaders

Advantages of renting vs buying backhoe loaders

Purchasing new equipment is a hefty investment for your company — especially if you only require equipment for short-term use. While new and used machines have their benefits, so do backhoe rentals from Cleveland Brothers.

Refer to the following advantages of renting not only backhoes but also other heavy pieces of equipment for your business:

  • Renting equipment is more advantageous for temporary use. If you have an odd-ball job to complete or you come upon a request that’s beyond the ability of your current fleet, provisional use of a backhoe loader is a wise choice. Even if you own a backhoe and it’s out of service for repairs, renting one as a backup will increase your company’s productivity and eliminate unnecessary downtime.
  • Renting allows you to allocate expenses to other capital. Instead of placing a massive investment on new equipment, renting backhoe loaders from Cleveland Brothers leaves you money to acquire additional assets. For example, you can obtain more materials, hire people or gain other beneficial resources.
  • Renting backhoe loaders requires less maintenance. When you rent equipment from Cleveland Brothers, we maintain, service and test each one. Therefore, they are in excellent condition, which results in less time for repairs and more time for operating on the job site. Lower operating costs and maintenance-free machines will benefit you in the long run.
  • Renting provides you with up-to-date machines. When you rent heavy equipment, you receive the latest models with the most up-to-date technology, giving you a competitive edge. Cleveland Brothers offers rentals from our new and used equipment inventories so you don’t have to worry about faulty or out-of-date machines.
  • Renting backhoe loaders helps with tax deductions. When you rent heavy equipment compared to buying new or used, it shows up differently on your balance sheet, as it’s not considered a liability. Rental costs are also often business expenses instead of when you purchase new, which needs to be depreciated over time.
  • Renting allows you to try before you buy. Because buying new is an extreme investment and you aren’t sure it’s the machine for the job, renting allows you to test it out first. Not only does the process eliminate uncertainties, but it also helps you save money if it’s not the right move for your business.

The cross-over zone between renting and buying equipment is when you use your rental equipment at least 60 to 70 percent of the time. When you reach that percentage or higher, you will know it’s the right time to make an investment by buying new machinery.

Renting is ideal for temporary use, can help you allocate money to other parts of your company and can reduce your maintenance costs. The rental industry is continually growing throughout each year, too. In fact, it will grow at an average annual rate of 4.3 percent and grow to $56 billion in 2020. If you are uncertain about the type of equipment necessary for a specific upcoming job, renting helps you determine if a backhoe loader or other piece of machinery is right for the job.

The Benefits of Renting From Cleveland Brothers

As an authorized Cat dealership for Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, Cleveland Brothers is your comprehensive local source for Cat backhoe rentals. We make the process convenient to ensure you receive equipment to keep operating at a smooth pace.

Simple browsing allows you to view our different models of backhoe loaders for rent with additional details on what you can expect from each one. Whether you require a smaller machine for landscaping or equipment with more horsepower for construction purposes, you can choose which best suits your needs.

However, if you’re not sure where to begin or which backhoe is appropriate for your work site and conditions, our trained professionals will analyze the application and identify the proper machine to match your industry. Cleveland Brothers can also determine necessary work tool attachments, whether you need blades, brooms and cutters or material handling arms, rakes and snow plows.

Our process saves you time and money so you don’t have to compare machines on your own time.

Let Us Help You Choose a Capable Machine

Once we define which Cat backhoe you will need, we offer fast pickup or delivery to your work site. Because we have several locations throughout PA and WV, it’s easy to find a dealer near you. With convenient delivery options available, you save operating costs in transportation, storage and maintenance. As an alternative to transporting your rental equipment from our location to yours, you can focus your time and assets on the more significant tasks at hand.

At Cleveland Brothers, we offer quality, selection and value.

At Cleveland Brothers, we offer quality, selection and value. We service and test all machines as our trained experts ensure peak operating performance. They follow testing guidelines and stern contamination controls to ensure your rental equipment doesn’t have problems on your site. While our professionals are well-educated and trained, they also keep their skills current via our in-house training department. Our technicians are always learning current service practices and technologies.

With low-hour, thoroughly tested and maintained machines from our new or used inventories, we can help you run more efficiently. Our certified technicians offer full-service support for various industries.

Flexible Rental Agreements to Suit a Range of Business Needs

Along with our serviced equipment, Cleveland Brothers provides each client with flexible short- and long-term rental agreements. Do you need a backhoe loader for one-time use because yours is in the repair shop? Or do you need heavy equipment for a specific job where your fleet can’t operate? You can rent our backhoes by the day, week or month depending on your particular circumstances.

Renting from an authorized Cat dealership like Cleveland Brothers also allows you to rent-to-own. Before you purchase a new piece of machinery without knowing how it can benefit your company, renting a backhoe loader allows you to try it beforehand. Once you understand how you can integrate a backhoe loader into your fleet, you make an informed decision without the burden of buying new right away.

If this is your first time having a backhoe loader join your fleet, some of your employees may be unfamiliar with how to operate one. If so, Cleveland Brothers provides a certified operator training program to polish the skills of your experienced operators. The session for backhoe loaders is a five-day course that involves classroom and hands-on instructions. Developed by Cat, the course is also available for other heavy equipment machines. Cleveland Brothers' Caterpillar Certified Trainers will teach your employees what they need to know.

Renting from us gives you the benefit of tested equipment that’s ready to run at optimum performance levels. Our dedicated customer service and knowledgeable representative help with technical support and provide comprehensive prices, resulting in amazing productivity for your business right away.

Get More Done With a Cat Backhoe Rental

A Cat backhoe loader lets you get more done with less effort. Whether you’re in full trenching mode, or delicately digging around surface structures and materials, you are in complete control. Cat backhoes are manufactured to provide better reach, dump height, breakout force and pushing power than other backhoes. Rent a Cat backhoe loader with ergonomic controls, a spacious cab and air suspension seat that will keep you working productively and comfortably all day long.

At Cleveland Brothers, our Cat backhoe rental packages can include essential work tools, including buckets, hammers, augers, rippers, mechanical and hydraulic thumbs, quick couplers and more. Loader work tools include general purpose buckets, multi-purpose buckets, side dump buckets light material buckets and loader forks.

As a convenient dealership covering areas in Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia, Cleveland Brothers is available to you no matter your location. We employ more than 580 trained technicians throughout our 28 facilities who dedicate their time to servicing and testing backhoe loaders while providing flexible rental schedules and courteous service.

Get in Touch With Cleveland Brothers Today

Renting backhoes allows you to control the cost of your equipment and helps increase your productivity. The process eliminates unnecessary downtime and lets you eliminate storage, transportation and maintenance costs. Renting can benefit any industry, whether you need a backhoe for just one day or five full months.

Contact us for a backhoe loader rental package that best meets your needs or to request a quote. Our expert staff is available to answer all your questions and provide the right Cat machine for your application and work environment. You can also call 866-551-4602 to speak with a representative for clarification about our products and services. Or call 1-866-549-7409 to specifically receive information about our rental solutions.