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Electric Power

Power Equipment Rentals

Rented backup generators can provide crucial electrical power in situations where you would otherwise be without, like planned outages, emergencies and work assignments in off-grid locations. Renting allows you to get the specific equipment you need to meet your power requirements at a great price.

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Why You Need Backup Power

When you rely on electricity to maintain your workflow, meet regulations and protect your staff, patients, customers or inventory, it's important to have a contingency plan for situations when your primary power source is not available. You'll want to ensure you have a constant flow of electricity no matter what happens.

Portable Generators

Primary power sources can be unreliable or unavailable for several reasons, including inclement weather, aging or faulty infrastructure, planned outages or worksites in remote locations. You may also need backup power if your primary generators require servicing or repairs and will be offline.

Why Rent Cat® Generators?

When you need a new piece of equipment like a backup generator, you have a few options — you can buy new or used or rent the equipment. It may be tempting to buy a shiny new model every time, but there are many circumstances in which renting the machinery is far more beneficial to your business.

Renting power generation equipment is a great way to meet the needs of a short job or temporary situation where you need additional electrical power. Every job you take on will have specific demands, and rental equipment helps you stay flexible. You can accept any project and rent the specific machinery you need.

Make the most of your money by renting top-of-the-line Cat® generators for a fraction of the money you would spend buying the equipment outright. Your rental payments appear as a monthly expense rather than debt, so you can free up your credit line and reallocate funds to help your business grow in other areas.

Plus, with rental equipment, you never have to worry about paying for repairs and maintenance, insurance or storage. 

How Cleveland Brothers Can Help

Cleveland Brothers has provided unmatched service and high-quality Cat equipment to customers in Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia for over seven decades. Our team of experts works with you to find the perfect rental generator based on your power requirements and other worksite specifics.

We have a wide selection of equipment available, including some of the latest Cat generator sets. All our rental generators are low-hour and maintained by factory-trained technicians according to Cat standards to ensure they deliver the best performance possible for your task.

At Cleveland Brothers, we have streamlined our rental process to make it as smooth as possible. Our rental agreements are flexible, so you can keep your generators for as long as you need them. Plus, with pickup and fast delivery directly to your worksite, you'll never have to worry about transportation logistics. 

Get Electric Power Rentals

Find out more about our electric power product rentals by getting in touch with our team! You can contact us online to speak with a representative about how backup power equipment can help you. You can also request a free, no-obligation quote or schedule your rental at the top of this page.