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Strength in Power: St. Clair Hospital Customer Feature

By: Brittney

A hospital demands reliable power. Whether its in surgery, during a blood transfusion, on life support or at the ER, every second is precious to a patient and their caregivers. In situations like these, a power outage is not an option. That’s how the 58-year partnership between St. Clair Hospital and Cleveland Brothers all began.

St. Clair Hospital, a general hospital located in Mt. Lebanon, Pa., opened their doors in 1954 and was the first healthcare institution in the area. St. Clair Hospital started with 106 beds and has since expanded to 329 and is now a leader in the industry. Today St. Clair Hospital is listed as one of the top 100 hospitals in the nation and has received numerous awards for patient safety, clinical outcomes, patient satisfactory and clinical efficiency.

Steve Novicki, Director of Plant Operations at St. Clair Hospital, has worked in the power industry for more than 30 years and knows what it takes to keeps St. Clair a top contender. Knowing the importance of his job, he exclusively relies on Cleveland Brothers to produce the results that he, the Department of Health and Joint Commission all demands. Novicki notes that, while the generator itself needs to perform, service is one of the biggest aspects to having reliable service. He stated that, “Competitors try to sway us with an initial and enticing low price. But no matter how good the price is, it isn’t worth the investment without good service.”

As a customer of Cleveland Brothers for more than 58 years, Novicki and his team are very familiar with the breadth and depth of services offered. St. Clair Hospital utilizes load bank testing, rentals, field service and preventive maintenance agreements (TLC)—all from Cleveland Brothers. “We’ve utilized the TLC program since the beginning. [Cleveland Brothers] provides legible, meaningful data that is viewed very positively by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, The Joint Commission and the Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS),” said Novicki.

Through every expansion and upgrade the hospital encounters, Cleveland Brothers provides an ideal transition with uninterrupted power. For example, St. Clair Hospital relied on Cleveland Brothers for rental cooling towers and portable chillers during their chiller plant upgrade. Cleveland Brothers also provides rental portable generators while the hospital’s gensets are being serviced or maintained. As time passes, Cleveland Brothers continues to support the hospital’s growth.

From the very start until today, the Cleveland Brothers and St. Clair Hospital partnership only continues to grow stronger. Instead of focusing on backup power, Department of Health audits and regulations or finding a reliable solutions provider, St. Clair Hospital can instead focus on providing exceptional performance and quality care to its patients and the community. St. Clair Hospital leaves nothing to chance, and with Cleveland Brothers, Novicki and his team know they have the reliable power they need.


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