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The Murrysville Team Completes a Custom Cat® Certified Rebuild

By: Brittney

Your machine can receive a second life thanks to the intricacies and detailed work of a Cat Certified Rebuild (CCR). While most economical for the larger equipment such as a Cat D8 or 990, the Cleveland Brothers Murrysville team recently completed a custom CCR on a Cat 980H Wheel Loader. Instead of purchasing new, this customer opted for a CCR to maintain the exact design of the machine so it could continue to work in its unique application.

A rebuild transforms a machine so much that, once complete, a new serial number and 3-year/5,000 hour warranty is issued. This gives the entire machine a second life and—depending the application—can extend the machine’s life for an additional 20,000 hours at a fraction of the cost of a new machine.

A CCR is broken down into four main parts, from complete disassembly to hydraulic bench testing and a new paint job.

  1. The machine is stripped of all wiring and the cab is removed. After disassembly, the frame is sandblasted and inspected to ensure “good core.”
  2. The Cat engine is rebuilt, pressure tested and the radiator resealed. In this 980H, the engine is a Cat 3406.
  3. The powertrain, including the torque converter, transmission, transfer gear case and differentials, is completely disassembled, inspected and rebuilt to meet Caterpillar standards and specifications.
  4. After the powertrain and engine have been rebuilt and tested, they are installed back on the machine to complete the rebuild.

As a way to reduce shop time, Cleveland Brothers orders parts beforehand and conducts oil sampling to understand the overall health of the machine and what to expect once the machine arrives. Cleveland Brothers also offers a guaranteed 12-week turnaround so customers can get back to work with minimal disruption.

Learn More about Cat Certified Rebuilds at Cleveland Brothers

CCRs are an affordable option in place of purchasing new equipment. If your machine is approaching 20,000 hours and a new machine isn’t in your budget or doesn’t meet your application needs, a CCR may be the right choice for you. If your machine only needs one component rebuilt or a new powertrain, ask about our Certified Machine Component Rebuild (CMCR) and Certified Powertrain (CPT).

For more information on rebuilds, contact your Product Support Sales Representative today at 1-844-569-9651.

Check out this video of the Cat Certified Rebuild of the Cat 980H Wheel Loader.


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